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We lost one of the most consistent referees in the business in September with the passing of Ron Rall.

Ron began his career as a professional when he stepped in to the ring on October 12, 1976 at the Seattle Center Coliseum to referee a bout between Pat Duncan and George Jerome. Ron was the referee in a number of title fights including those for the WIBF, GBU, WBC, NWBA and the USA Washington State Heavyweight Title fight between Chauncey Welliver and Corey Williams. Ron wrapped up his career in 2007 though he continued to come to the fights as an observer.

While Ron is well known for his work in the ring, he is also remembered as an outstanding teacher. Ron was the recipient of a number of outstanding teacher awards though he was quite humble about his work in the classroom, preferring instead to heap praise on the students he was able to work with.

Perhaps it was his experience in the classroom, or maybe simply because he genuinely liked people, but Ron never forgot a name. He seemed to know everyone and counted everyone as a friend.

Boxing lost one of the great men in the sport this week with the passing of Barry Druxman.

Barry was a judge, a referee (as seen in the photos) as well as being instrumental in the organization and training of boxing officials.

Barry began judging professional fights in 1993, his first taking place in Yakima, Washington, and he retired after judging his last bouts in Glendale, California in 2015. Barry judged numerous title fights in the United States and Canada.

In addition to being a boxing judge and referee, Barry was a world renowned photographer. His work has graced the covers of numerous magazines featuring some of the most stunning models.

Some of my favorite memories of Barry occurred when he was judging televised fights. He would walk around the ring, checking the camera placement, and carefully choose which chair he would claim. He often said he did so to avoid being on TV, but I don't think he minded being on screen too much.

Updated November 16, 2023. The Pacific Northwest Rankings. See which NW fighters make their debut and which ones move up or down in this edition of the rankings. Let the discussion begin - there is a bit of movement in the newest rankings, and some inactive fighters have been dropped.

Waxing Philosophically. Updated January 16, 2023. Where I address: World (well mostly US) Changes;  Corona19 Changes; Politics, Behavior and Cuba; New Tribalism; Accept, Adjust, Adapt; Civility; Misrepresenting Free Speech; Village Idiots; Stop Blaming Someone Else; Solving Climate Change; Accountablilty: Schools, Teachers, Students, Parents, Government; Free Speech?; What are politicians supposed to DO?; Letting Go of Daily Stress; How US lawmakers are playing you; Travelling to TURKEY - plan your excursion today; An email exchange that points out what is wrong and what is right in Education today; Why Banks Are Failing; New TSA screening procedures; Namecalling and Socialism; Bottom Feeders in School, Fans Being a Bit Too Over Anxious; H1N1, 'What Happens in Vegas...', Carry On Luggage, Complaining about Education, 'Existential threats', A High School Musical, The Gallup experience, Non Partisan Politics; Boxing vs MMA, AUSTRALIA! negative campaign adverts, shouts from the crowd, pros and amateurs, ring announcers, contract weights. Because everyone deserves my opinion.

Makina Boxing Promotions at Green River College

Hernandez and De La Cerda remain unbeaten, McDonald claims victory in rematch

October 21, 2023

The Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma Washington

Austin Brooks remains unbeaten on a card featuring local fighters Cadena, Cruz and Caldera

August 26, 2023

Makina Promotions

Gallegos edges to win in Main Event; Diezel scores Majority Decision in Co Main

April 15, 2023

WhiteDelight Promotions in Medford Oregon

Bryan Sanchez Out Duels Troy Wohosky in Main Event; Sims scores First Round KO

October 29th, 2022

Roy Jones Jr and UFC FightPass at the Yakima Legends Casino

Quinton Randall remains unbeaten; Andrew Murphy claims NBA Super Middleweight Americas belt

Read about the September 14th Roy Jones Show and see some great photos on Flatpuss Boxing

July 14, 2022


2023/4 Fight Schedule *

December 1: Bisla Fight Night 11, Taj Park Convention Centre, Surrey British Columbia, Canada

January 4th:  Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma, Washington

January 25: Roy Jones Boxing, Yakama Legends Casino, Toppenish, Washington

More to come...

*Subject to Change

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