Sanchez wins a close one over local favorite Wohosky

October 29th

White Delight Promotions

Medford, Oregon


The main event of the evening featured a pair of Oregonians in a five round bout. Troy Wohosky, from Medford, had the home town crowd behind him, so Bryan Sanchez, fighting out of Portland, knew he had two obstacles to overcome.

Sanchez had a strong opening round as he was able to move Wohosky onto the ropes and land punches. Wohosky used his quickness to double up his jab, and when he found openings, he quickly stepped away from Sanchez’s assault. Wohosky answered the bell for the second round continuing to double his jab in an effort to keep Sanchez backing up. Sanchez avoided getting caught by anything heavy, and answered with shots targeting Wohosky’s body.

The third round was action packed as each man worked to gain an advantage in the fight. Sanchez tried to keep the fight in the center of the ring, and to a degree he was successful in doing so, but Wohosky showed his quickness in the ability to step in, through punches and move out of Sanchez’s reach. As the fourth round began, Wohosky’s corner urged him to let his hands go. The power punches that Wohosky threw early in the fight did not come as often in the fourth. Sanchez kept up the pressure by throwing his jab to close the distance between the two fighters.

In the final round Wohosky was able to throw some heavy punches, but Sanchez was crafty in moving to avoid getting caught.

After five rounds one judge scored the fight 49-46 for Wohosky, while the other two saw the fight 48-47 for Sanchez who would claim the split decision victory.





Wohosky lands his left

Wohosky reaches with his right

Aguilar lands to Carlson's body

The six round co main event pitting Joseph Aguilar against Dylan Carlson proved to be one of the most entertaining fights of the evening as stylistically the two fought differently. Carlson was quick to move and create angles that made it tough for Aguilar to catch him, while Aguilar was patient, looking for openings that would allow him to score with body shots.

Carlson took control of the opening round early as he threw a barrage of punches, some wild, that kept Aguilar from getting close. As the round continued, both men settled and resorted to shooting jabs and following them with body shots. The second round was close as both men moved their attack to the other’s head. The action was fast paced as each fighter used both hands to score to the head.

Aguilar had a solid third round as he was able to score with punches that landed to Carlson’s head and body. Carlson tried to close the distance between he two, but in doing so he was not able to slip punches as he had in the previous rounds. Aguilar continued to gain momentum in the fourth round by landing punches to Carlson’s head. Near the end of the round Aguilar lost his mouthpiece, prompting the referee to stop the fight, and that gave Carlson a chance to catch his breath.

The doctor stepped up to take a look at Carlson before the fifth round as Carlson had been taking a number of shots to his head. Carlson’s corner, the fighter and the doctor agreed that Carlson was ok to continue. The fighters exchanged a lot of punches in the round, but Aguilar had the advantage. Carlson was able to land some punches in the final round, and he scored with some, but Aguilar’s jab, which often found Carlson’s chin, allowed him to effectively close the fight.

After six rounds one judge scored the fight 59-55, the other two scored the bout 60-54, all in favor of Joseph Aguilar who would claim the unanimous decision win.


Miklo Arnold has been building a solid record fighting in Mexico, and he got the opportunity to show his boxing skill as he stepped in to face local favorite Leon Cavalli in a five round bout.

This fight looked like it might end before the midpoint of the opening round. Arnold landed a hard left hand to Cavalli’s body which sent Cavalli to the canvas. He was slow to get up, and the referee was giving him a close look. However, rise he did and continued to fight, though he moved to avoid Arnold’s body shots. Cavalli closed the round using his reach to keep Arnold from stepping in close.

The reach advantage worked to Cavalli’s favor in the second round as he kept Arnold, who was looking to land quick combinations, at a distance that made such an assault difficult. The round ended with both men throwing flurries of punches.

Arnold’s quickness was the story of the third round as he was able to move to create angles that allowed him to land scoring punches. Cavalli was patient through the round as he too was looking to shoot punches to Arnold’s body. When the distance closed between the two fighters, each was able to land punches to the body. The fourth round was close as each man fought to his strength attempting to land shots to the other’s head. Cavalli relied on his reach; Arnold used his quickness and fight in close.
The fifth round again saw each man fight to his strengths. And while each landed scoring punches in the round, Cavalli landing at the end of his long jab and moving to avoid Arnold’s quickness, Arnold was landing scoring punches when he was able to close the distance.

After five rounds one judge scored the bout 49-45, the other two had it scored 50-44 all in favor of Miklo Arnold who would claim the unanimous decision.




Arnold catches Carlson with a left


Sims lands to Danzig's body

It has been a while since there has been a woman’s bout on a Pacific Northwest fight card. Angela Danzig made her professional debut stepping in to a schedule four round bout facing Brittany Sims.

The difference in the fight was on display early. Danzig came to box, and she showed she has some skill in that area. However, Sims came to fight, and she quickly took control of the action. Danzig looked to use her height and reach advantage early, and in so doing she was able to initially keep Sims at arm’s length. That prompted Sims to close the distance between the two and throw hard shots to Danzig’s body. Sims backed Danzig into the corner and landed a flurry of body shots to drop her. Danzig stood and continued, but again, Sims backed Danzig to the ropes and scored another knockdown. To Danzig’s credit, she rose to continue, but when Sims landed a left uppercut to Danzig’s chin, snapping her head back, the fight was over.

Sims would claim the knockout victory at the end of the opening round.



Niko McFarland returned to the ring to fight Corey Cook, whose one win had come by way of the knockout.

The opening moments of the first round were rather slow paced as each man moved to find a way to land a jab. Then as the midpoint approached, Cook began to land combinations, and that prompted McFarland to step in close and throw shots to Cook’s body. The second round was close though Cook may have gained a slight edge by throwing at and scoring with punches targeting McFarland’s head. McFarland showed his defensive skill in avoiding heavy shots as he focused on Cook’s body.

The pace slowed some in the third round as Cook spent time looking to land his powerful left hand as McFarland slipped punches and moved away from the power. Cook closed the fight scoring two knockdowns in the fourth round. Both came as Cook pinned McFarland on the ropes and landed a number of body shots.

After four rounds all three judges scored the fight 40-34 in favor of Corey Cook who claimed his second win behind the unanimous decision.



Cook shoots a left through McFarland's defense

Martin connects with a left

Elias Albert made his professional debut as he stepped in to face Jacob Martin in a four round bout.

The opening round was close as Albert was the busier fighter, throwing more punches, while Martin was able to land the heavier shots. Albert had a solid second round as he fought aggressively, throwing combinations and taking the action to Martin. As the round ended, Albert had Martin pinned in the corner where he landed body shots.

Albert looked to control the action in the third round as he again moved Martin into the corner. Martin eventually moved the fight to the center of the ring and closed the round by landing a hard right to Albert’s head. Martin looked to use power shots in the closing round, but Albert often backed him to the ropes making it more difficult to do so. Albert closed the fight throwing combinations.

After four rounds all three judges scored the fight even at 38, a majority draw.






The night opened with a four round fight pitting Kelton Hall against local fighter Rafael Valencia.

The fight began in the manner that many begin, with both men looking to score behind the jab. However, as they stepped close, they too often resorted to holding, and that slowed the action. Hall was more aggressive in the second round, but again, when in close the two held, prompting the referee to stop the fight momentarily to talk to each fighter.

Hall began to create distance in the third round and in so doing he was able to score. Valencia looked to close the distance between them, but when he did, Hall landed scoring punches. Valencia did not answer the bell to begin the fourth round, and the fight ended.

Hall would score the TKO win at the 3 minute mark of the third round.

Hall (right) lands his left as does Valencia

The Ring Card Girls worked the cards and the sold out crowd.