Battle at the Boat 119

January 11, 2019

Brian Halquist and the

Emerald Queen Casino

Giovanni Cabrera Mioletti, in his first fourteen fights showed that he was a fighter to be taken seriously. So when he took the fight with Antonio Escalante, few were surprised that Mioletti would step in against a fighter that carried Escalante's power. And Escalante is not one to shy away from the tough opponent either. Though he had lost his previous bouts, all were against fighters that had very good records.

As is often the case in a fight were the men respect each other's boxing prowess, the fighters spent much of the first minute of the opening round shooting a jab and trying to figure out how to stay just out of range of a power shot while trying to locate one of their own. Mioletti began to control the action once the fight reached the midpoint as he began to catch Escalante with the jab. Mioletti's ability to create angles and move quickly kept Escalante from stepping forward to land anything heavy, though he was able to touch Mioletti with a quick left hand.

The second round saw Mioletti pick up the pace. He kept the pressure on Escalante and forced him to move across the ring. Just past the midpoint of the round, Mioletti backed Escalante towards a corner and landed a right hook that sent Escalante spinning and to the canvas. While Escalante may have thought he had slipped, the referee counted, and the judges scored the knockdown. Escalante continued and went back to firing his left, but he could not get close enough to land a heavy right hand.

Mioletti raised the level of pressure in the third round as while he shot his jab , he also looked to land his right to Escalante's head. Just past the midpoint of the round, Mioletti got an opening. Escalante was stepping back and as he slightly turned his body, Mioletti shot a right hand that landed square on Escalante's chin. As Escalante staggered back, Mioletti landed his left, and Escalante again found the canvas. He rose, stepped in to the corner to take the count, and as the referee finished the count and began to wipe his gloves, Escalante said he had had enough. The referee waved the fight to an end.

Mioletti would claim the TKO win at 1:48 of the third round to remain unbeaten.

Mioletti scores with a left hook

After a Mioletti caught Escalante with a right, Escalante went down

Newson reachs while Green covers

Shae Green was coming off an impressive performance in his last fight, a TKO win over a tough opponent. Journey Newson was making his pro debut, though no stranger to the fight world as he as a title holding MMA fighter. Green had an obvious height advantage, while Newson proved to be quite aggressive.

In the opening round both men tried to settle in to a style that would allow him to score. Green used his reach advantage to keep Newson at bay, but Newson was clever and moved away from the power shots. That however meant that Newson did not get close enough to land many punches himself. As the round drew to a close, Newson backed Green in to the corner and landed a flurry of shots to Green's body. Newson had a solid second round as he took the fight to the inside. There he negated Green's height and reach advantage, forcing Green to throw shots from the outside, and Newson was able to avoid many of them.

Green made adjustments to Newson's in tight fighting in the third round. He let Newson step in tight, then as Green backed away, he fired his jab and coupled that with a right. One of those jabs caught Newson over his right eye and opened a cut. The doctor was called to take a look, wiped off the blood and the fight continued, though Newson appeared to be slightly bothered by the cut. The closing round was a slugfest as each man knew the score at that point was close. Green lost a point for hitting on the break, and that made the round even closer.

At the end of four rounds one judge scored the fight 38-37 for Newson, the other two scored it 38-37 for Green who would win the split decision.



Richard VanSiclen is a fighter looking to get back in to the ring after not fighting in 2018. Prior to the year off, he had recorded five wins, three of them by way of knockout. Eddie Hunter only fought once in '18, and prior to that he had a two year layoff. Therefore, the question coming in to this fight was which man would show that the time out of the ring had not affected his ability to box.

Most of the opening round saw the men fight rather awkwardly. they both threw wide shots, looking to land something heavy to end the fight. Neither man looked content to settle in to a rhythm and rack up some points; instead it looked like they wanted the fight to come to an end early. VanSiclen gained the edge there when he scored a knockdown at 2:30 of the round. The second round saw he men fight in spurts. There were moments of frantic action followed by moments of stepping back and moving about the ring. Hunter continued to throw big power shots, looking to land one, while VanSiclen began to settle and shoot the more target punches.

The pace of the third round slowed as both men appeared to tire. VanSiclen continued throw targeted shots, most often aiming for Hunter's head. Hunter had settled a little, but he was still looking to land something big. The slow pace of the fight carried over in to the fourth round until VanSiclen backed Hunter on to the ropes and unloaded a barrage of shots. Hunter covered up, blocked some of the shots and stood strong. In that spot, Hunter was unable to counter, and until he moved out of the corner, he threw very few punches.

At the end of four rounds two judges scored the fight 40-34, the other scored it 40-35, all in favor of VanSiclen who would remain unbeaten behind the unanimous decision.


VanSiclen's left would catch Hunter

McFarland lands an uppercut

Niko McFarland has made some changes to his routine, and they have proved advantageous. After s low start that saw him fight five times before tasting victory, McFarland had won his last two and was looking to continue on that path. Luis DeAlba was fighting for the second time, he dropped a close, but unanimous decision in his opener.

The opening round was quite tactical as each man stepped forward behind his jab while looking for an opportunity to throw a heavy right hand, deAlba was able to gain a slight advantage in that late in the round some of his punches caught McFarland. McFarland went to work on DeAlba's body in the second round, and while there he was able to score. There were moments when the men fought in close, and when they did both were able to land punches.

McFarland had a good third round as he kept pressure on DeAlba. When DeAlba came in tight and fired shots, McFarland was able to effectively counter punch. DeAlba slipped out of the way of many of those shots, though he was caught by a few. The pace of the fight slowed in the fourth as both men appeared to tire. The tactics changed some as well. McFarland focused his attack on DeAlba's body, while DeAlba shot almost all his punches in the area of McFarland's head.

At the end of four rounds One judge scored the fight 39-37 for DeAlba, the other two scored the fight 39-37 for McFarland who would win by split decision.

When the ring announcer introduced Derick Bartlemay, he said Bartlemay was the veteran of ten fights. People in the crowd know that is ring announcer code for a losing record. However, one needs only look at Bartlemay's record to understand his misfortune. He fights guys in their hometown, and that can be a tough place to win. While Tacoma is not William Parra-Smith's home town, he has fought nearby, however, that would not necessarily be counted as an advantage.

Parra-Smith answered the opening bell quite aggressively. he landed shots to Bartlemay's body, many of them quite heavy. Undaunted, Bartlemay plowed ahead and at the 2:50 mark of the round he landed a solid right hand that dropped Parra-Smith. That could have caused some judges to contemplate a score for a round where the guy winning it is dropped at the end of it. Bartlemay continued to walk Parra-Smith down in the second round, and as he did so, he was again able to land heavy body shots. Para-Smith countered when he was able, and that kept Bartlemay from gaining a big advantage.

The third round was close as both men fought behind a flurry of punches, many aimed at the other's head. The quick pace continued in the fourth as both men were able to land some solid shots. nearing the midpoint Parra-Smith landed a straight right that staggered Bartlemay. Parra-Smith stepped to him, looking to land a knockdown shot, but Bartlemay recovered and stepped away. Bartlemay ended the round landing a number of punches to Parra-Smith's body.

After four rounds one judge scored the fight 39-37, the other two scored it 39-35 for Bartlemay who would score the unanimous decision.

Bartlemay scores with the right

Iniguez scores with his right as Wyland covers up


Luis Iniguez and Quinten Wyland made their professional debut to open the card. Both men are tall and lanky, and while raw in the skill department, showed moments of boxing ability.

While often fighters making their debut open the fight pumping a jab and looking to shoot their power hand to the body, that was not the case here. Iniguez came out swinging a big left hook in place of the jab. Wyland answered with a jab, but Iniguez's hook landed a few times on Wyland's body. Wyland continued to fight behind his jab in the second round, and he was able to get close enough to Iniguez to land a few power shots to Iniguez's body. As the round drew to a close, Iniguez was throwing combinations and scoring with a left jab and a right to the body.

Wyland started the third round strong, taking advantage of his ability to counter punch. That however meant that Iniguez was also throwing, and when Iniguez's shots to Wyland's body began to land more frequently, Wyland's attack slowed. Iniguez controlled much of the action of the closing round. He moved Wyland across the ring and as the round closed, Iniguez had Wyland in the corner and was landing a number of punches. Wyland did well to cover up, but he was unable to answer.

At the end of the four round fight two judges scored it 40-36, the third saw it 39-36, all in favor of Iniguez who would claim the unanimous decision win in his debut.

Cabrera-Mioletti remained unbeaten and his team celebtated