Roy Jones Junior Boxing

January 30, 2020

Legends Casino

Toppenish , Washington

The main event in the Roy Jones Jr. promotion at Legends Casino featured two unbeaten fighters representing countries with rich boxing traditions. Jade Bornea fights out of the Philippines, and Ernesto Delgadillo, while fighting out of Dallas , Texas, is a tough Mexican fighter. The two squared off in the ten round main event, the winner to claim the NABF Super Flyweight Title. Here too is an interesting point regarding fighters in this weight class. Bornea has 10 knockout wins in 14 appearances, and Delgadillo has 2 in 11 bouts. Let it be known that both man carries power in his punches.

As was the case in a number of rounds, the opening round was close. Delgadillo pumped his jab and threw it quite accurately and quite often. Bornea looked for opportunities to connect with his jab, though he found fewer than his opponent. Bornea settled in to a rhythm in the second round and applied pressure on Delgadillo throughout. Bornea was able to land shots to Delgadillo's body, and while Delgadillo proved at times to be an effective counter puncher, he did not land enough of them to keep Bornea at bay,

Body work was the story for Bornea in the third round. He landed his right often and moved Delgadillo across the ring. Delgadillo mounted an effective counter attack as the round neared an end as he began to connect with his counter punches. The fourth round was close as Delgadillo was able to score behind the counter punch. At the end of the round Bornea scored unleashing a three punch combination that slowed Delgadillo's advances.

Bornea controlled the action in fifth round as he moved Delgadillo across the ring throwing straight lefts then shooting his right to Delgadillo's body. Delgadillo continued to counter punch, but his corner wanted more. Delgadilo landed a solid right hand at the 1:30 mark of the sixth round and Bornea stumbled and his glove touched the canvas. The referee administered and eight count, and some thought the knockdown rather controversial. Never the less, the fight continued and both men fought furiously to the bell.

There were moments in the seventh round when Delgadillo was able to shoot his right hand to Bornea's head and score as well as adding to the swelling below Bornea's eye. However, over the course of the round, Bornea threw more punches and doing so limited Delgadillo's opportunities to score. Bornea was steady in his pursuit of Delgadillo in the eighth round. Despite being forced to back up through the round, Delgadillo was able to land his jab, but he did not follow it up with anything to slow Bornea.

The ninth was again another close round. Delgadillo was again able to score shooting his right and connecting to Bornea's head. Bornea countered by throwing combinations. Delgadillo had a solid tenth round as he threw a lot of punches and added body shots to his jab. However, it was difficult for Delgadillo to overcome the pressure Bornea kept on him.

At the end of ten rounds, one judge scored the fight 96-03 for Delgadillo, the other two judges scored the fight 96-93 for Bornea. Bornea would remain unbeaten and claim the NABF Super Flyweight Title.


Delgadillo backs Bornea up with his right

Bornea's left catches Delgadillo

Coyle's right lands to Dumas head

The semi main event had the makings of a barn burner as unbeaten Irishman Conner Coyle faced Miguel Dumas of Mexico, a man that had only lost twice and had scored eight of his eleven wins behind the knockout.

Coyle fought steadily behind his jab in the opening round, and that kept Dumas moving. Near the midpoint of the round Coyle added some body punches to the jab, and he was able to score. Then, as the round neared its close, Dumas threw a heavy left and in so doing separated his shoulder. He winced, held his left close to his body and threw a few punches with his right.

After the bell sounded to end the round the referee asked the ringside physician to look at Dumas, who was in obvious pain in his corner. The doctor suggested the fight be discontinued due to the injury.

Coyle would score the TKO victory at the end of the first round to remain unbeaten.

In a battle of Northwest unbeatens, Richard VanSiclen, fighting out of Seattle, faced Abraham Martin, fighting out of Medford. Martin had won all five of his fights by knockout, VanSiclen also carried knockout power, winning three of his seven by way of that route.

The fight got off to a fast start as VanSiclen jumped on Martin and battered him across the ring. VanSiclen did a considerable amount of damage when he pinned Martin on the ropes and unloaded a series of non stop punches from both hands. Marten had few answers, though he tried to cover up and answer when he could find space to do so. When Martin was able to get off the ropes and move the fight to the middle of the ring, VanSiclen again mounted a furious attack. There was even a point when VanSiclen looked at the referee as if to ask when the referee would stop the fight.

The fight was stopped, on the advice of the doctor before the second round could begin due to the punishment Martin had taken in the round. VanSiclen would claim the TKO win to remain unbeaten.

VanSiclen's left catches Martin

Gomez lands the right to Kamara's body

Willie Hernandez Gomez has not lost in his previous three bouts. Abdual Kamara has lost but once, and that was to Cris Reyes. And while Gomez carries a powerful punch, Kamara is quick and active, making him less of a victim of the knockout loss.

There were a lot of quick punches thrown in the opening moments of the first round. than at the fifty second mark, Gomez scored a knockdown with a heavy right hand. Kamara answered that with a number of scoring combinations that sent the message that he would not back down. Gomez closed the round with effective counter punches. Kamara was quite active in the second round. He followed his jab by throwing his right at Gomez's body. Gomez was patient and looked for the opportunity to land his heavy right.

Gomez mounted a serious boy work assault in the third round, and pressured Kamara throughout the round. Kamara did answer, but often he was throwing punches while stepping backwards. The fourth round was a steady one for Gomez. He was busier through the round throwing his right hand power shots. Kamara was perhaps the man that threw the quicker punches, but it was Gomez's power that controlled the round.

At the end of four rounds, all three judges cored the fight 40-35 for Gomez.

Neither Margorito Hernandez nor Joshua Wheeler had experienced victory in the ring, but both men looked as thought they had the skill and ability to be unbeaten.

Wheeler had a solid first round as he was able to double up on his left and follow it with a right hand that targeted Hernandez's body. Hernandez was far from inactive though. He many times shot his right hand at Wheeler's head. The second round began with a lot of quick action as both men threw many punches. Then, at the one minute mark, Hernandez scored a knockdown when he caught Wheeler with a heavy right. Wheeler was able to continue, but it was Wheeler that threw the heavier punches.

Hernandez scored another knockdown at the midpoint of the third round, catching Wheeler again with a solid right hand. Wheeler rose to fight, and he did catch Hernandez with some hard shots, but he did not slow Hernandez's attack. Wheeler had a strong and solid fourth round as he was able to catch Hernandez with hard body shots that slowed and stunned Hernandez. Hernandez, in order to hold on to the win, had to hold throughout the last minute of the fight.

At the end of four rounds two judges scored the fight 39-35, the third scored it 38-36 all in favor of Margorito Hernandez.

Hernandez dropped Wheeler with a right

Barbour catches Ward coming in with his right


Kendall Ward had not stepped in to the ring since 2011. Jerrell Barbour was stepping in to the ring as a professional for the first time. Ward had proven himself to be a tough fighter, losing in his past iteration to some of the heavy hitters in the featherweight division.

Ward was able to control much of the action of the opening round as his experience showed. He was able to throw more punches and move away from Barbour's heavy left. Barbour fought a steady second round as he waited for Ward to step in and then he threw his punches. Ward threw a lot of long reach right hands, and with some he did connect.

The pace of the third round was slower than the openers, but Barbour was still able to score behind a right-left combination. Ward continued to throw his right wide. Ward was the busier fighter in the closing round, but it was Barbour that was able to score more often by landing body shots.

At the end of four rounds one judge scored the fight 39-37, the other two scored it 40-36, all in favor of Jerrell Barbour who would claim the unanimous decision win.

The night opened with Glen Hagler facing Charon Spain. Hagler entered the ring on a three win streak, while Spain dropped his last outing after a solid unanimous decision win.

The opening round got off to a slow start as each man moved about the ring looking for, but not taking, an opportunity to land anything solid or heavy. Near the midpoint of the round the men stepped toward each other and knocked heads. Both suffered a little damage, but the fight continued. Spain was able to land the more effective punches in the opening minute of the second round as he jumped in towards hagler and threw combinations. Hagler came on late in the round and landed some heavy shots when the men were in close.

Hagler spent the third round walking Spain down and throwing combinations. Spain resorted to using his reach to throw his long right hand. Spain had a good start to the fourth round as he was able to catch Hagler with both hands, often landing to Hagler's head. Hagler continued to throw shots at Spain's body, and in doing so he was able to score. Spain caught hagler with some hard shots in the closing minute of the round, forcing Hagler to hold to keep from getting caught and being dropped.

At the end of four rounds, one judge scored the fight 39-37 for Hagler, the second scored it 39-37 for Spain, and the third scored the fight even at 38. The fight would end in a split draw.

Hagler catches Spain with a left


The Ring Card Girl


The judges and Roy Jones Jr