Roy Jones Junior Boxing

July 14, 2022

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Toppenish , Washington

The main event of the evening featured a pair of boxers that entered the ring relying on individual skill and tactics. Ivan Pandzic looked to use his height and reach advantage while Quinton Randall would counter with his speed and quick footwork in the eight round bout.

The pace of the opening round was rather slow as Pandzic stayed outside and used long reaching jab to catch Randall. When there was an opening, Randall stepped in to fire shots to the lanky Pandzic's body, but there were few of those opportunities. Pandzic stayed in the center of the ring in the second round which forced Randall to move more while looking for an angle to jump in and land body shots.

In the third round Randall found the range at which he could attack Pandzic, and Randall began to land more solid shots to Pandzic's body. Randall's movement slowed Pandzic's attack and he threw fewer punches in the round. Randall continued to control the action in the fourth round, and he was able to do so without stepping in too close. Pandzic's counter punches were thrown one at a t time while Randall was throwing effective combinations.

In the fifth round Pandzic returned to the style that brought him success in the second around as he again fought from the center of the ring and forced Randall to move and look for openings. Pandzic effectively kept Randall at a distance by throwing his long jab. The sixth round was quite close. Early Pandzic caught Randall on the ropes and landed a number of shots to Randall's body and head. Then as the round ended, Randall answered with a flurry of scoring punches.

Randall carried his late sixth round momentum in to the seventh round as he landed more punches and kept Pandzic moving across the ring. pandzic did answer, and tried to use his reach to catch Randall, but often Randall was able to quickly move away from trouble. Both fighters were busy in the final round. Pandzic showed more movement than he had earlier and as such he was able to keep Randall moving and looking for spots to jump in and land shots to Pandzic's body.

After eight rounds one judge scored the fight 78-74, the other two scored it 79-73 all in favor of Quinton Randall who with the unanimous decision victory remains unbeaten.


Pandzic scores with a right to Randall's body

In close Randall was able to land his right on Pandzic's chin

Murphy catches Jones with a heavy right hand

Local fighter Andrew Murphy brought an unblemished record and a fairly large fan base in to the arena to face Isiah Jones in the eight round semi main event.

The opening round of the fight was close and the fighter's styles became apparent early. Jones was going to try to move quicker than Murphy while Murphy was going to use his strength and power. In the round Murphy landed a few more punches than did Jones. Early in the second round Murphy caught Jones with a heavy right and stunned Jones. Jones was able to recover, and though Murphy landed a number of shots to Jones' body and head, he did not drop.

The pace slowed in the third round though Murphy still controlled the action. Jones showed he could effectively counter punch, though he spent much of his time moving away from the heavy handed Murphy. Jones focused his attack on the inside in the fourth round and he was landing a number of scoring shots until Murphy again caught Jones with a solid right and that slowed the assault.

Jones used his quickness in the fifth round to move away from Murphy, not allowing him to get set and deliver the power punches he had used earlier. Murphy showed his power again in the sixth round as he twice landed heavy shots that slowed Jones, but to Jones' credit, he remained upright and continued to box.

When Murphy again caught Jones with power shots in the seventh round, it appeared that he was on the brink of dropping Jones. However, Murphy was unable to follow up as Jones moved away from the power punches to survive the round. Jones stayed in the middle of the ring in the eighth, so Murphy moved about looking for an angle to land his jab and to follow with a body shot. Again, Murphy showed his power as he landed a heavy overhand right that caught Jones solidly.

After eight rounds one judge scored the fight 79-73, the other two scored it 80-74 in favor of Andrew Murphy who along with the unanimous decision win would claim the NBA Super Middleweight Americas title.

The match pitting Margarito Hernandez against Willie Gomez over the course of eight rounds proved to be a battle of styles. Gomez is a patient fighter who looks for openings and fires quick punches. Hernandez is an all action fighter that throws punches at a rapid pace.

Perhaps out of respect for the other man's ability to land heavy and end a fight quickly, the pace of the first round was pretty slow. Each man was content to use his jab, and they often id land, but there was little follow up to them. Hernandez was slightly busier in the round. The fighters opened up in the second round as Gomez was able to land some solid combinations while Hernandez focused his attack on the body.

Hernandez stayed busy in the third round as he stood in close to Gomez and delivered shots to Gomez's body. Gomez was able to land his right hand, but he did not throw as many punches as did Hernandez. Hernandez carried his momentum in to the fourth round as he threw two or three punches to the single punches Gomez threw.

There was a definite difference in the number of punches thrown in the fifth round. Hernandez again was doubling his punches while Gomez appeared to be having some trouble letting his hands go. Gomez corrected that somewhat in the sixth round as he moved to find the opening that would allow him to land punches on Hernandez, but Hernandez was able to move to avoid getting caught with any heavy body shots.

Gomez heated up in the seventh and controlled the action. He landed more consistently and was able to keep Hernandez from stepping in close and landing body shots. The momentum shifted in the eighth as Hernandez again was more aggressive and throwing more punches through the round.

After eight rounds all three judges agreed on the score of 78-74 in favor of Margarito Hernandez who would take the unanimous decision victory.

Hernandez scores with a left to Gomez's chin

Reynolds lands his right to Aguilar's head

In the fight that opened the UFC FightPass televised portion of the night, Alarenz Reynolds brought his five fight win streak in to face Joseph Aguilar, also unbeaten, in a six round fight.

The fight began with each man throwing jabs toward the other, trying to set up something more powerful. Aguilar was the first to land the power punches as he scored with a combination that backed Reynolds away. The Reynolds answered landing a right hand to Aguilar's head. The focus of the punches in the second round was on the opponent's body. Aguilar may have gained an edge as his body shots seemed to carry more power, but Reynolds was able to counter those shots when his right hand landed to Aguilar's head.

In the third round fighting in close favored Aguilar who scored with short punches to Reynolds' body. Reynolds gained the advantage when he was able to create some distance and use his reach to land punches. There were fewer body shots thrown in the fourth round as both men changed their focus to attack the other's head. Aguilar landed the heavier punches, but Reynolds was more accurate.

Aguilar pressed the action in the fifth round and in so doing he threw more punches and did not allow Reynolds to step away to create distance and take advantage of his reach. Reynolds was able to create some distance in the final round and that meant he could return to his accurate jab and follow that with his right.

After six rounds one judge scored the fight even at 58, the other two scored the fight 58-56 in Reynolds' favor. He would remain unbeaten with the majority decision victory.

The night of fights opened with a couple of fighters relatively new to the ranks of professional boxing. Dyllon Cervantes and Bryan Sanchez both entered the ring unbeaten having won their debut fights.

Sanchez quickly established that he would be the aggressor in the fight. He twice moved Cervantes in to a corner and landed a number of punches to Cervantes' body. Cervantes was able to land some scoring shots as he caught Sanchez with combinations to the body. Cervantes opened the second round pumping his left hand and thus using his reach to control the fight. That forced Sanchez to step in close and fire shots at Cervantes' body. Those shots started to wear down Cervantes, and when Sanchez shot his right hand at Cervantes' head, the momentum shifted quickly. Sanchez pinned Cervantes on the ropes and landed a number of punches to the head and body. Cervantes was unable to answer, and the referee stepped in to end the fight at 2:41 of the second round.

Sanchez would remain unbeaten with the TKO victory.

Sanchez catches Cervantes with his right

McDonald (left) landed a right that would drop Johnson

The night ended with a bout that should have been the second of the night, but was bumped to the portion of the card following the televised fights. Unbeaten Chris Johnson faced Devontae McDonald in a four round bout.

Perhaps becaue they had waited for nearly two hours longer than anticipated to fight, the two men answered the opening bell throwing punches and moving as if it were the last ten seconds of a final round. The action was fast and the punches were flying. McDonald began to land the heavier punches and near the midpoint of the round he caught Johnson with a heavy shot that dropped Johnson. Johnson fought a solid second round as he used his jab to get in close and while there landed body shots. McDonald landed fewer shots in the round, but those he landed came with some power.

Most of the third round was fought with the men standing toe to toe. That limited the number of body shots, so the focus was on trying to land to the other's head. The final round was close as both men returned to the frenetic pace of the opener. McDonald was looking to land power shots while Johnson's jab proved effective in setting up his attack on McDonald's body.

After four rounds all three judges cored the fight 38-37 in favor of Devontae McDonald who would claim the unanimous decision win.

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Roy Jones (right) celebrates Andreww Murphy's victory