Roy Jones Junior Boxing

February 28, 2019

Legends Casino

Toppenish , Washington

Ray Ximenez did not make too many friends in the crowd when he emerged from the dressing room wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey. Luis Lopez pretty quickly became the crowd favorite, and he milked that, playing to the crowd before the fight even started. the fighters had each lost only once before, and were facing each other to claim the Vacant WBO International Featherweight Title.

At the opening bell both men stepped to the center of the ring and began to throw quick power punches. None were targeting the body, everything was thrown toward the head. Both threw a few combinations, though it was Lopez who edged Ximenez as he was able to catch Ximenez's chin. the second round was much like the first as both men showed good quickness. Ximenez began to connect more often than he had in the first, but he had to counter Lopez's aggressive movement.

Ximenez had a good third round as he started to lower his attack and land punches to Lopez's body. Lopez took some time to adjust to the body punches, but as the round closed he began to land shots to Ximenez's body and the round ended as Lopez landed a few quick rights to Ximenez's head. Lopez was razor sharp in the fourth. He landed almost every shot he threw. Ximenez was forced to keep on the move, but he was not able to slip everything.

Ximenez should he had the ability to counter punch in the fifth round, and he was able to score using those punches. Lopez took advantage of Ximenez waiting to counter punch and as such he may have thrown more punches in the round. Lopez opened a cut over Ximenez's left eye in the sixth round. Lopez had been working that side of Ximenez's head, and when the opportunity arose, Lopez landed a stiff right to open the cut. Ximenez had another decent round in the seventh, but he had to overcome Lopez's aggression. Lopez pressed Ximenez around the ring though Ximenez was able to land his left to Lopez's body as the round closed.

The eighth round was quick paced as each man looked to land heavy shots to the other's head. Lopez worked to keep his jab in Ximenez's face while Ximenez moved to find openings to land his heavy left to Lopez's body.

When the bell rang to start the ninth, the blood was dripping from the cut over Ximenez's eye. The referee called for the ringside doctor to have a look. the doctor determined that the fight should be stopped. the stoppage meant that the scores would be tallied through the eight rounds. One judge scored the fight 80-72, the second judge scored it 78-74, and the third had it 77-75, all in favor of Luis Lopez who would claim the unanimous technical decision and wear the WBO belt.

Lopez lands a left to Ximenez's head

Ximenez scored with his left late

Peak throws his left to Jackson's body

Juan Jackson and John Peak brought unbeaten records in to the ring for their four round affair. Peak scored one of his wins behind a knockout; Jackson won his lone fight by decision.

The pace of the opening round was slow. The men were taking a measure of each other, and lazily throwing jabs in the direction of the other's body. Jackson was the first to open up and add some zip to his punches, and he was able to catch Peak with some of them. Peak opened up near the midpoint of the round and began to throw some body shots. Peak continued his assault in the second round, but Jackson showed an ability to counter punch, and he answered much of what Peak threw.

peak began to push the action in the third round, but Jackson would hang tough and throw counter punches. Neither man was able to land anything heavy. The fourth round saw more action than the previous rounds as both men, knowing they were in the last round, looked to land some scoring shots. There was not a lot of body work as each was looking to end the fight by landing a shot to the other's head.

After four rounds all three judges scored the fight 39-37 in favor of Juan Jackson who would claim his second win by way of unanimous decision.

Taylor Shirley and Luis Iniguez entered the ring looking for their second win. Shirley won in his last outing, Iniguez's as a one in each column: win, loss, and draw.

Shirley spend much of the opening round walking Iniguez down and throwing on the move. Neither man was able to land many shots as each moved to keep out of the other's reach. The second round was better for Shirley as he landed some heavy shots late in the round. Iniguez answered with body shots when he moved in close.

iniguez began to shift the momentum in his favor in the third round as he landed some shots to Shirley's body and was starting to target his head. then Shirley landed a heavy right hand on Iniguez's chin and that broke iniguez's rhythm. the round ended with the men in close and holding. Both men appeared tired in the fourth, and so the pace slowed some. the continued to look to land one big shot to end the fight and in so doing Iniguez was able to catch Shirley early, but Shirley closed the round landing a heavy shot to Iniguez's head.

After four rounds one judge scored the fight 39-37, the other two scored the fight 40-36 all in favor of Taylor Shirley who would remain unbeaten behind the unanimous decision.

Shirley's right would catch Iniguez's head

Fighting in close proved to work to Esquivel's advantage

Shae Green had a height advantage and an unbeaten record entering the ring to face Gerardo Esquivel, a fighter looking for his first win. Esquivel had a game plan to counter those advantages, and that meant taking the fight in close.

Esquivel's tactics proved benefits early as he stayed in tight with Green not letting the lanky man use his reach advantage. Esquivel threw a lot of punches, forcing Green to cover up, and limiting the number of shots he could throw in return. Early in the second round Green moved to create distance and thus control the action of the fight. Green was able to shoot punches at Esquivel, but the shorter man closed the distance and the round ended with the two men standing close and Esquivel landing scoring punches.

Esquivel was quite aggressive in the third round. He kept Green's back on the ropes and threw a lot of body shots. Green was able to move out of trouble, briefly, but he spent a lot of time in the round covering up to keep from getting hit. Green had a better fourth round, especially early as he maintained some distance and used his reach advantage to keep Esquivel form moving in close. Near the midpoint Green landed a right that shook Esquivel, but esquivel recovered and brought the round to an end by fighting in close again.

After four rounds one judge scored the fight 39-37, the other two scored it 4036, all in favor of Gerardo Esquivel who with the unanimous decision would claim his first win.

Both Alex Cazac and Roman Avetisyan were hungry for a win. They had been in tough fights, but were not able to emerge with a win. for one, this night would be different.

Both men began the fight looking somewhat apprehensive. They moved well, but did not throw a lot of punches. Cazac was the first to open up as the round neared the midpoint and from there he controlled the action by making Avetisyan back out of trouble. Cazac threw a lot of punches in the second round, and he was able to land the majority of them. Avetisyan was initially slow to counter Cazac's offense, but when he did he jumped to the taller Cazac and fired shots at the body. Cazac closed the round by scoring with a flurry of shots targeting Avetisyan's head.

Cazac had a solid third round as he kept busy throwing punches and moving Avetisyan around the ring. Cazac pinned Avetisyan on the ropes and landed a number of shots before Avetisyan moved off the ropes. Avetisyan had openings, but he was having trouble letting his hands go. The fourth round was action packed, but it was still Cazac that was firing most of the punches. Avetisyan was looking to land one big scoring punch, but he could not get close enough to land one solidly.

At the end of four rounds all three judges scored the fight 40-36 in favor of Alex Cazac whose first win would come by way of the unanimous decision.

Cazac lands his left

Jefferson cathces Neal with an uppercut

The night opened with Nicholas Jefferson facing Antonio Neal. Jefferson entered the fight unbeaten; Neal came in looking to prove that despite winning only four fights, he could compete at Jefferson's level. And this was, until the main event, the best fight of the night.

The first round was close as both men were able to land scoring shots. Jefferson threw his power shots at Neal's body. Neal was able to counter well, and he too landed some heavy blows to Jefferson's midsection. Neal was aggressive throughout the second round and that meant that Jefferson had to cover up to avoid getting tagged with a heavy blow. With 30 seconds left in the round Jefferson landed a hard right that staggered Neal but did not drop him. Fifteen seconds later Jefferson landed another. Neal showed his toughness as the round drew to a close with Neal answering with body shots.

Neal had a good third round as he maintained his aggressiveness behind the body shots. Jefferson again landed a heavy right hand, but Neal controlled much of the action of the round. Jefferson shifted the momentum in the fourth as he began t use his reach to land shots to Neal's head. Neal again withstood the barrage and answered with body shots when in close.

One judge scored the fight 39-37, the other two saw it 40-36 all in favor of Nicholas Jefferson who would remain unbeaten behind the unanimous decision.

The Ring CArd girl and the national Anthem vocalist

Team Lopez with the belt