Makina Boxing Promotions Fight Night at Green River College

October 21

The main event on the Makina Boxing Promotions bout card featured unbeaten Julio Ocampo Hernandez facing Robert Jimenez who was making his professional debut in the four round fight.

The bout was action packed from opening to closing bell. As the bell rang to start round one Jimenez ran across the ring and began to throw quick punches at Hernandez. Jimenez looked like he wanted to end the fight quickly by catching Hernandez with a heavy shot. Hernandez withstood the barrage and when he was able to slip out of the corner he began firing his jab at Jimenez to create some distance. While there was some distance between the two men, they settled into a rhythm of jab and move. The punch rate did not slow down in the second round though Hernandez began to shoot his right hand to Jimenez's head and he caught Jimenez on the chin a few times.

The third round saw the men move their attack to the other's body. There were still a big number of punches thrown, but the tactic seemed to be to break down the other with body work. The fourth round saw the men pick up the pace a little, sensing the scores were close. Hernandez again placed a target on Jimenez's chin, and Jimenez proved tough in countering and moving out of trouble.

After four rounds, two judges scored the fight 39-37, the third had it 40-36, all in favor of Hernandez who would remain unbeaten behind the unanimous decision.

Jimenez throws his right

Hernandez lands a right to Jimenez's head

De La Cerda follows his left with a right uppercut

In the semi main event, unbeaten Alexis De La Cerda squared off against journeyman Gilberto Duran in a fight scheduled for four rounds.

Duran showed that he had some ring experience in the opening round as he controlled the action and after throwing his jab, followed it with shots to De La Cerda's body. De La Cerda made the necessary adjustments in the second round and he began to throw effective combinations that kept Duran moving and slowed his assault. Near the middle of the round De La Cerda landed a left to Duran's head that opened a cut over Duran's right eye.

The pace in the opening moments of the third round was fast. De La Cerda stepped across the ring and dropped Duran with a hard combination at the 30 second mark. Duran rose, though he was still on wobbly legs. De La Cerda backed Duran onto the ropes and landed a number of punches to Duran's body and head that forced the referee to step in and end the fight.

De La Cerda would claim the TKO win at 46 seconds of the third round.

The five round fight pitting Jacob Martin against Devante McDonald was a rematch of the battle the two fought in April, where McDonald garnered the unanimous decision win.

McDonald answered the opening bell by charging across the ring and pinning McDonald in the corner while throwing rapid punches looking for a quick knockout. Martin slipped out of the corner and began to throw jabs at McDonald to slow the pace of the fight. As the round drew to a close McDonald landed a hard right that appeared to stun Martin. The second round was even as the two men stood close and threw short body shots while occasionally slipping in an uppercut.

The pace of the third round was much like the second as the two fought in close and when there was some distance they threw jabs in the other's direction. McDonald landed a right hand that dropped Martin at the 2:40 mark of the round, but Martin rose, took the count and the round came to an end. Rather than fight in close in the fourth round, the men allowed for some distance and that meant more jabs and combinations. Martin moved well enough to avoid McDonald's heavy punches until the round drew to a close when again, after backing Martin into the corner, McDonald landed scoring punches.

Martin began to land scoring punches in the opening moments of the fifth round, but McDonald adjusted and moved to stay away from the punches Martin threw.

After five rounds two judges scored the fight 48-46, the third saw it 49-45, all in favor of Devante McDonald who again would take the unanimous decision win.

McDonald throws an overhand left at Martin

Bailey throws his right at Lee

The battle of a couple of big men making their professional debut saw Ryan Bailey step in to face Maxwell Lee in a four round heavyweight fight.

The action of the opening round was rather slow paced as each man looked to inflict some damage to the other's body. Bailey proved more adept at moving out of range of Lee's punches while Lee absorbed most of what Bailey threw at him. In the second round Lee took advantage of his size to push Bailey around the ring and land jabs as he did so. While Bailey did throw his jab at Lee, and he was able to land some to Lee's head, Lee proved tough enough to walk through them.

Lee had a solid third round as be pinned Bailey on the ropes and landed short shots to Bailey's body. Bailey threw some counter shots that enabled him to slip off the ropes and move back to the center of the ring. Lee controlled much of the action of the closing round but he was unable to break through and land punches heavy enough to stop Bailey. Bailey was content to throw his jab and then move out of range of the bigger Lee.

After four rounds all three judges scored the fight 40-36 in favor of Ryan Bailey who would notch the unanimous decision win in his first professional fight.

Bobby McIntyre and Frazier Dazjhante opened the show in a four round middleweight bout. Dazjhante was making his professional debut, McIntyre was looking to get back in the win column after dropping his previous bout to an unbeaten fighter.

As might be expected in an opening bout, there were a lot of jobs thrown when the men answered the bell to the first round. The pace picked up some moving to the midpoint of the round when Dazjhante dropped McIntyre with a hard right that landed flush to McIntyre's head. In the second round both men targeted the other's head. Fewer scoring punches were landed though Dazjhante grabbed a slight edge in landing the heavier shots.

The third round was close as both men made the adjustments necessary to land scoring punches. McIntyre scored with some hard body shots while Dazjhante was able to control the action behind his jab in the closing moments of the round. The fourth round was another that was close through the first two minutes. Then McIntyre began to load up and throw some heavy shots to Dazjhante's body and head. McIntyre landed a heavy left to Dazjhante's head at the 2:50 mark of the closing round that dropped Dazjhante to the canvas. Though Dazjhante stood as the referee counted, his legs were unsteady and he was dazed.

The fight ended at 2:59 of the fourth round with McIntyre, who was behind on all three scorecards, claiming the TKO win.

McIntyre's left would put an end to the fight in the final round

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