The Battle of Bellevue

March 12, 2022

Makina Boxing Promotions

The debut American edition of Makina Boxing Promotions played to a sold out crowd in the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue Washington. The sell out crowd was treated to a ten bout card featuring fighters from Washington, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Canada and Mexico

The Main event bout, featuring two unbeaten fighters, fought at a slower pace than most of the other fights as the two men were content to throw a jab and then wait to see if it had any effect.

Brown took control in the first round as he landed heavier shots. Suracho became a little more aggressive with the body shots in the second to take that round.

After that, the momentum swung back and forth depending on which man could land body shots. And throwing jabs and body shots is what the middle rounds looked like. While Brown was able to slip a lot of what Suracho threw, that also meant because he was on the move, he was not able to be as effective in getting in close for the body shots.

Brown took control of the 8th round by moving away from Suracho’s power and then slipping inside to land body shots. That proved to work to his advantage as in the 9th round Brown jabbed his way in close and landed a hard left to Suracho’s body that dropped Suracho to the canvas. Suracho tried to stand, but the pain was pretty intense.

The referee called a stop to the fight at 1:09 of the 9th. Brown claimed the TKO win.

With the win, Brown would remain unbeaten and claim the WBO Latino Lightweight Championship belt.

Suracho lands a right to Brown's head

Brown's left connects to Suracho's body

Fierro (right) just misses with a right

The co-main event also featured two unbeaten fighters squaring off to claim the NABA Featherweight Championship belt.

The opening round of this fight looked like the final ten seconds of every boxing round you have seen as both fighters came out swinging heavy and would looking to score a quick knockout.  It also got a little ugly early as there was some holding and at one point Bailey picked Fierro up and it looked like he was going to body slam him to the canvas before the referee stepped in to calm things down.

While neither fighter initially landed anything damaging, Bailey settled in to attacking Fierro’s body and at 2:45 of the first round he landed a hard right to Fierro’s ribs that dropped Fierro. He rose, and aggressively pursued Bailey, but the round ended before any more shots were landed.

The pace of the second round was a lot like the first as both men were throwing punches at a quick pace. Fierro pursued Bailey trying to catch him on the ropes, and rather than settle and counter, Bailey exchanged looking to score big.

Fierro was the one that landed hard and heavy first though and he dropped Bailey with a right to Bailey’s head. Before Bailey could rise to take the full count, the referee waved the fight to an end.

Fierro would score the TKO win at 1:46 of the second round. This fight was for the NABA Featherweight Championship.

The eight round bout pitting unbeaten Richard VanSiclen against Cameron Sevilla Rivera was probably the best fight of the night. Stylistically, these two match up well as they are both strong, they both box well and both of them can take a punch.

There styles might be the reason that the first round was rather slow paced. The jab was the dominant punch for both men as Sevilla Rivera stayed in the center of the ring and made VanSiclen fight with his back to, and often on the ropes.

VanSiclen targeted Sevilla Rivera’s body in the second and third rounds, and in so doing he took control of the fight though Sevilla Rivera was at times able to back VanSiclen on to the ropes and land punches.

The fight opened up in the fourth round as both fighters started to throw more punches. Sevilla Rivera dropped his attack to land shots to VanSiclen’s body.

Sevilla Rivera’s body attack began to pay off and in the fifth, at the 2:50 mark, Sevilla Rivera landed a right to VanSiclen’s body that staggered and stunned VanSiclen. Sevilla Rivera was quick to follow up looking to land more shots when the round came to an end.

Rounds six and seven were close with an edge going to VanSiclen in that he landed the heavier shots. Sevilla Rivera had opportunities, but could not seem to let his hands go in order to land.

Sevilla River controlled the eighth round by keeping VanSiclen on the ropes, and at times, when VanSiclen was backed in to the corner, Sevilla Rivera scored with body shots. VanSiclen covered up well and withstood the punches.

After eight rounds the judges scored the fight 77-75; 79-73; 79-73 in favor of VanSiclen for the unanimous decision win.

VanSiclen (right) landed his right to Sevilla Rivera's head

Browning scores to Parra Smith's body

James Browning and William Parra Smith took opposite approaches in the opening round of their scheduled six round fight. Browning was content to jab his way in close and then throw a right to the body. Parra Smith looked to throw big and heavy trying to land one punch that would end the fight.

When neither tactic proved to slow the other man, the two settled in to some more conventional boxing in round two. Browning had an edge in the round as he was able to land behind the combination.

Browning’s jab followed by a body shot were the story in rounds three and four, and that slowed Parra Smith’s output and forced him to cover up and move out of trouble.

Browning’s focus turned to Parra Smith’s body in the fifth round and Browning was able to score in doing so. He landed a solid right hand to Parra Smith’s ribs at the 2:19 mark of the fifth that dropped Parra Smith and forced the referee to wave the fight to an end.

Browning scored the TKO win to remain unbeaten.

Jacob George took the fight to William Hernandez in the first round and was able to land his right to Hernandez’s body. George then, near the midpoint of the round lost his mouthpiece in an in close exchange, and that gave Hernandez an opportunity to refocus.

When the fight resumed Hernandez threw his jab and forced George to cover up.

Hernandez continued to throw shots at George’s body in the second, and again, George lost his mouthpiece. Hernandez’s body work began to take effect and George was slower to answer.

The body assault continued in the third round and when Hernandez landed a flurry of punches to George’s body, George began to collapse. The referee stepped in to stop the fight at :52 of the third round.

Hernandez would score the TKO victory.

Hernandez lands with George pinned to the ropes

Carillo lands a left to Duran's body

This fight pitting Gilbert Duran and Jahelel Brito Carillo opened with some good boxing from both fighters. Duran’s ring experience gave him an edge in determining how to counter the quicker Carillo.

As the first round neared the midpoint Duran opened up looking to land something heavy. Carillo answered by slipping punches and staying in close while walking Duran across the ring. The first round ended with a good exchange of body shots in the center of the ring.

Duran began the second round again looking to land something heavy. He did just that at the midpoint of the round when his right landed solidly to Carillo’s body. Carillo dropped to the canvas as the referee counted. Carillo rose and answered aggressively.

Carillo pinned Duran with his back to the ropes, forcing Duran to cover up, but Duran was able to turn enough to free his hands and in so doing he landed a flurry of body and head shots that stunned Carillo.

Before Carillo could answer, his knees started to buckle and the referee stepped in to stop the fight. Duran would claim the TKO victory at 2:22 of the second round.

This four round battle matching Jose Cervantes and Margarito Hernandez was one of the better fights on the card. Hernandez is a good and patient boxer, and Cervantes is a quick effective counter puncher and that was the story in the opening round.

Hernandez threw combinations at Cervantes, and though some found their mark, Cervantes was able to counter and land shots to Hernandez’s body. Cervantes closed the opening round landing a number of punches to Hernandez body.

The second round was close as each fighter played to his strength, Hernandez jabbed and looked to land punches to Cervantes’ head; Cervantes slipped punches and countered.

The momentum shifted to Hernandez at the two minute mark when he landed a left that dropped Cervantes.

Hernandez slowly took control of the final two rounds though the pace of the fight slowed. Hernandez continued to target Cervantes’ head, and he often connected.

As the fourth round closed, Hernandez landed a a solid shot to Cervantes’ head that staggered him just before the bell ended the fight.

After four rounds, one judge scored the fight 40-37 for Cervantes; the other two scored the fight 38-37 for Hernandez who would claim the split decision win.

Hernandez's left catches Cervantes on the inside

Lopez (left) just misses with an uppercut

Marcos Lopez was making his pro debut after spending some time as an MMA fighter when he stepped in to face Julio Ocampo Hernandez who was also making his debut.

Lopez certainly projected confidence prior to the fight as he shouted and bragged in the corner before the fight started. And he began the fight with that aggressive nature throwing a lot of punches, and connecting with some, but he did not slow Hernandez.

Hernandez calmly took a few shots and then countered, and then he went to work on Lopez’s body.

Hernandez backed Lopez in to the corner and dropped him with a body shot at 1:15.

Lopez stood and fought back, but Hernandez again backed him in to the corner and with a flurry of body shots dropped him again.

The fight was waved to an end at 1:30 of the opening round. Hernandez would score the TKO win.

The second fight on the card, featuring Alarenz Reynolds and Juan Jackson was a battle with well matched fighters.

Jackson controlled much of the opening round as he landed shots to Reynold’s body. As the round came to a close Reynolds threw a straight right that landed flush and stunned Jackson.

Reynolds went to work on Jackson’s body in the second round and that move paid off near the midpoint of the round when a Reynold’s body shot nearly dropped Jackson.

Jackson turned the momentum in the third round and controlled much of the action landing body shots.

The body assault slowed Reynolds, and Jackson continued to go to the body in the fourth.

Reynolds, in the fourth threw a lot of rights at Jackson, and he scored, was not always able to follow up as Jackson moved to stay out of reach.

After four rounds, one judge scored the fight even at 38, the other two scored it for Reynolds 40-36. Reynolds would score the majority decision victory.

Reynolds lands his left to jackson's head

Hall's left just misses as McDonald lands his left to Hall's body

The opening featuring unbeaten Kelton Hall and Devontae McDonald making his pro debut saw a lot of action early and a contrast in style.

McDonald answered the opening bell pumping a straight right targeting Hall’s head. Hall answered the bell aiming his shots at McDonald’s body.

McDonald landed a nice left-right combination after pinning Hall in the corner and dropped Hall at the 1:16 mark.

The referee quickly stepped in to end the fight. McDonald would score the TKO win in his pro debut.

And the Ring Card Girls kept the crowd entertained while the fighters caught a break.