Pure Combat: Battle for the Brave

November 16, 2019

Salem Armory

Salem Oregon

The near capacity crowd in the Salem auditorium were loud in their support of Niko McFarland, who had a large cheering section behind his corner, and for Chris Johnson, whose supporters were also quite vocal. McFarland entered the ring with a 4 win 2 loss record to face unbeaten Johnson who has scored seven wins as a pro.

Johnson's quickness as on display in the opening round as he fired his left and followed it with a quick right attacking McFarland's body. McFarland tried to answer, but too often he was avoiding Johnson's punches and that meant McFarland had to fire from a distance and that made landing punches more difficult. Johnson controlled the action in the second round as he was able to land punches with both hands. McFarland threw more controlled punches in the round, but he could not match Johnson's punch count.

McFarland had a decent third round as he was able to take the fight in close and land more punches. McFarland moved effectively, and in so doing created the angles necessary to land scoring punches. Johnson's punch output however did not slow, and he continued to score with combinations. McFarland continued to throw effective punches in the fourth round, but he could not match the number of punches Johnson threw. Johnson was throwing two or three punches with each assault, and McFarland, while fighting well defensively, could not match that.

Johnson sealed the fight in the fifth round as he scored two knockdowns. The first came near the midpoint of the round when he landed a left to McFarland's head. Though McFarland was able to rise and continue, he spent a portion of the next minute holding to regather his strength. Johnson then backed McFarland across the ring and on to the ropes and unleashed a flurry of punches that forced McFarland to drop to his knee. McFarland rose and finished the fight, but it was Johnson who landed the most punches to close the fight.

After five rounds all three judges agreed and scored the fight 50 - 43 in favor of Chris Johnson who would remain unbeaten.

McFarland lands the left

Johnson connects with his right

Caldera lands his left to Zender's chin

In previous fights wins had come fairly easily for Lorenzo Caldera, two fights, two knockout wins. Anthony Zender has not experienced such ease in the ring since his pro debut. A look at the men Zender has fought shows that he is not concerned about being in tough, and that was just the type of opponent that Caldera needed to face.

The opening round was close after a slow start. Caldera threw punches with both hands, and it was usually the right hand that did the damage. Zender threw a number of counter punches, but he did not land as many paunches as did Caldera. In the second round Caldera settled in to a rhythm and as such he controlled much of the action. He shot his right hand at Zender and followed that with a left. Almost all of the punches that Caldera threw in the round were combinations. Zender was able to land shots to Caldera's lanky body, but those did not slow Caldera's offense.

Zender had a good third round as was able to take the fight in tight, and while there he landed more shots to Caldera's body. Caldera continued to throw combinations, and often he was able to land and score. The pace of the fourth round was slower than the previous rounds. Zender continued to focus his attack on Caldera's body, and worked to stay close to the taller man. Caldera took advantage of his long reach to create distance and throw scoring punches, often to Zender's body.

After four rounds all three judges agreed and scored the bout 40-36 in favor of Lorenzo Caldera who would win remain unbeaten behind the unanimous decision.

Bryan Sanchez and Ryan Attebery made their professional debut in a four round bout.

Sanchez answered the opening bell throwing a number of punches quickly. Attebery tried to answer, but Sanchez smothered him with punches. Sanchez landed an overhand right to drop Attebery at 1:10 of the round. Attebery was able to stand and continue, but his legs were rather wobbly. Sanchez then boxed Attebery in to the corner where he landed a flurry of punches. After landing a hard combination, the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Sanchez would win his pro debut behind a TKO at 1:27 of the first round.

Sanchez (left) loads up

Delgado lands his right to Horsley's head

Nino Delgado hails from Alaska, but his three professional fights have been in Mexico, so a short trip to Salem, Oregon to fight in the pro boxing opener of the show must have seemed like a short trip. Justin Horsley made the trip from Las Vegas for his pro debut.

Horsley was the more aggressive fighter in the opening moments of the first round. Delgado however stepped up in the last half of the round to begin to take control. Horsley was throwing punches with both hands, and scoring early, but it was Delgado's left right combinations that enabled him to take the round. Delgado attacked Hors ley's body in the second round, and in so doing he moved Horsley across the ring.

Delgado's combination controlled much of the action in the third round. Horsley was able to answer, but he was slow in doing so. As the round closed, Delgado landed scoring punches to Horsley's body. Horsley tried to land punches to Delgado's body in the final round, but Delgado kept coming forward, and that made it more difficult for Horsley to maintain his offense.

After four rounds, one judge scored the fight 40-35, while the other two scored the bout 40-36, all in favor of Nino Delgado who would remain unbeaten with the unanimous decision.

Adam Fugitt scored a TKO win over Devon Brock at 1:44 of the first round to take the PureCombat SuperFight Championship in the MMA main event.

Fugitt lands the knee to Brock's body

Thompson (rear) begins to wrestle Baker to the canvas

Aaron thompson scored the win over Tobias Baker by technical submission at 3:43 of the opening round in the MMA main event.

Derick Bartlemay scored an opening round win over Phil Schwartz by submission at 2:10.

Schwartz (left) loads up against Bartlemay

Lang (top) controlled the final round

Sophia Lang scored a split decision win over Faith Nusom in a women's MMA amateur bout. Scores were 29-28 twice for Lang and 29-28 once for Nusom.

Martin Ruvalcaba scored a unanimous decision win over Kevin Johnson in an amateur kickboxing event. Scores were 30-25 twice and 29-26.

Ruvalcaba lands a kick to Johnson's body

Roberts (right) takes aim at Matix

Otto Matix scored a TKO win at 1:52 of the second round over Jeremy Roberts in an amateur kickboxing bout.

Katie Quaries scored a TKO win over Nikki Frederick at :31 of the second round in an amateur women's muy thai bout.

Quaries (left) loads up her right

O'Neal (left) lands a kick to Kay's side

The amateur kickboxing bout featuring Paul O'Neal and Douglas Kay ended in a majority draw. One judge scored the fight 27-29 for Kay, but the other two scored the bout even at 28.

Laura Whitlatch scored a unanimous decision win over Madison Beard in a women's amateur muy thai bout. Judges scored the fight 29-27; 29-26; and 29-25.

Beard lands her left

Baltzar scores with a kick to Cochran's body

In the night's opening bout, Daniel Baltzar scored a unanimous decision win over Loren Cochran in an amateur three round kickboxing battle. Scores were 30-27 twice and 29-28.