Fight Night Brawl VIII at Green River College

October 26, 2019

PNW Promotions

The fight that pitted Richard Vansiclen against Cameron Sevilla-Rivera has been a long time coming. The two men were scheduled to class a while ago, but that fight fell out. So it was that both men, inactive for a time, stepped in to the ring in the main event. Sevilla-Rivera had to brush out nearly two years of inactivity; Vansiclen last fight in January.

The pace of the opening moments of the first round was slow, as could be expected as both men showed respect for the other's skill, and both needed to find a rhythm. Vansiclen settled first and when he did he attacked Sevilla-Rivera's body. Sevilla-Rivera was able to drop his elbows to protect his body, and he moved well to avoid heavy punches. Sevilla-Rivera had a good second round as he is more aggressive. He threw more punches and kept Vansiclen close and in range of his shots.

Sevilla-Rivera continued to keep the fight in close in the third round, and as he did so, he was able to effectively catch Vansiclen's body. Vansiclen fought on the move in the round and near the close he was able to land shots to Sevilla-Rivera's body. The speed of the action picked up in the fourth round. Both men were able to land punches. Sevilla-Rivera focused much of his attack on Vansiclen's head while Vansiclen continued to focus his attack on Sevilla-Rivera's body.

The end of the fight looked as if it would come in the fifth round. Vansiclen, about a minute in to the round got very aggressive and threw a barrage of punches at Sevilla-Rivera. Vansiclen knocked Sevilla-Rivera on to the ropes and landed a number of punches. Sevilla-Rivera threw a few back, but when he stepped away, he dropped to the canvas, looking gassed. He did rise, and threw punches, but Vansiclen again unloaded on him, dropping Sevilla-Rivera again, this time almost through the ropes. Again, Sevilla-Rivera rose and fought back. Sevilla-Rivera caught his breath and answered the bell for the final round quite aggressively. Sevilla-Rivera outworked Vansiclen in the final round by walking Vansiclen down and throwing numerous shots at Vansiclen's head and body. Vansiclen covered well and avoided taking any big shots.

At the end of six rounds, two judges scored the fight 58-55, the third had it 59-53, all in favor of Vansiclen who would claim the unanimous decision win and remain unbeaten.

Vansiclen's right shoots through Sevilla-Rivera's defense

Vansiclen just misses with his right

Gomez-Hernandez shoots his right to catch Hellman

Stepping in to the ring for his third professional fight, William Hernandez-Gomez faced Steven Hellman, a boxer making his second entrance in to the ring. The beginning of the fight was delayed when it was clear that Hellman was not wearing the required protective gear. Hernandez-Gomez kept warm in the ring shadow boxing while Hellman returned to the dressing room to get re-outfitted.

The action in the ring took less time than did the change to wearing the appropriate gear. Hernandez-Gomez stepped aggressively to Hellman and shot his jab to knock Hellman off balance. Hellman threw a few punches in Hernandez-Gomez's direction, but he was not able to land anything solidly. Hernandez-Gomez landed a solid right at the forty second mark that sent Hellman to the canvas. Hellman rose to continue, and it did not take him long to fire a right hand that caught Hernandez-Gomez on the chin. Unfazed, Hernandez-Gomez fired a number of quick and heavy punches, one that landed firm on Hellman's chin, and that again dropped Hellman. The referee stepped in to begin the count, took a look at Hellman and waved the fight to an end.

Hernandez-Gomez would score the TKO win at 1:09 of the opening round.



Hamilton Ash and Kevin Davila faced each other in a four round bout. Ash is perhaps one of the best fighters who has yet to win, and some of that may be due to the fact that he is unafraid to step in to the ring and face tough competition. Davila, on the other hand had won three of his last four fights.

The opening round, like most of the fight, was quite close. The men fought in tight and that meant that a lot of the punches were aimed at the other's body. When distance was created between the two, they both resorted to shooting power shots. Ash had a good second round as he kept pressuring Davila, moving him about the ring. Davila was able to score with his right, but to often he could not follow that with another shot.

Davila had a solid third round as he was the busier of the two fighters. When the two stood close, Ash was able to gain a short advantage landing punches to Davila's body. The two men moved around the ring through the final round. Ash threw more punches than did Davila, but Davila was able to effectively connect to Ash's body when close.

At the end of four rounds, one judge scored the fight even at 38, the other two scored it 39-37 in favor of Davila who would claim the majority decision win.


Davila avoids Ash's left to shoot his right

Neal scored with a right hook to Brown's head

Antonio Neal is another of those fighters who will step in to the ring to fight, seemingly, anyone. While that is a testimony to his toughness, it has been damaging to his record as he has lost a number of close decisions. Clarence Brown entered the ring having fought six times as a professional, and seeking his first win.

Neal showed his patience in the opening round as he used his jab to move Brown across the ring. Brown fired his right hand, often targeting Neal's head. Neither man threw many shots at the other's body. Brown's style confused Neal some in the second round as Brown threw punches from awkward positions and moved quickly enough to avoid Neal's punches. When he could get close, Neal was able to land effective scoring combinations while Brown focused his attack on Neal's head.

As the third round progressed, Brown began to drop his defense. That allowed Neal to land a series of punches, many targeting Brown's head. Neal had Brown hurt at the round's close. Neal was the busier fighter in the fourth round, and that forced Brown to keep moving to try to avoid getting caught. Neal closed the round throwing his heaviest punches at Brown's head.

After four rounds, all three judges agreed in scoring the fight 40-36 in Neal's favor. Neal would claim a well deserved unanimous decision win.

Fight Night VIII opened with a very good match featuring a pair of Washingtonians, Margarito Hernandez and Joshua Wheeler. Both men were making their debut as professional fighters, though that certainly was not evident in the way they fought.

In the opening round the men displayed decent boxing skill. Wheeler was able to score behind solid combinations; Hernandez scored using a heavy right. Wheeler scored a knockdown early in the second round after landing a solid left. Following that Wheeler kept Hernandez moving until nearing the one minute mark when Hernandez lost his mouthpiece. The action continued despite the loss, as Hernandez became more aggressive. As the round ended, Hernandez began to score with his right.

The action was nonstop in the third round. Neither fighter seemed too concerned the defense as they looked to score by landing heavy shots. Hernandez scored with his right; Wheeler fired combinations. Hernandez scored a knockdown early in the final round after landing a hard right. Hernandez kept pressuring Wheeler through the round, and that meant that Wheeler had to abandon the combinations choosing instead to fire his right at Hernandez's head.

After four rounds the decision went to the judges' scorecards. Initially, there was some confusion and Wheeler was named the winner by majority decision. However, both men were a few moments later called back to the ring. One judge scored the fight 38-37 for Wheeler, the other two scored the fight even at 37. the fight ended in a majority draw, though it appears that a rematch may be in the works.


Wheeler catches Hernandez's chin

Ashley and Michelle Carried the Ring Cards


A table of fighters sat ringside to watch the action in the ring. During the fights, they turned in to a table of coaches and trainers shouting instructions, advice an encouragement to the men in the ring.