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ESPN2 Friday Night Fights April 15, 2005

Chauncy Welliver faced Ted Reiter in an undercard bout. The two had fought a month prior, and as in this bout, Welliver claimed the unanimous decision win.

Welliver, 'The Hillyard Hammer,' would notch his 22nd win in the bout on his way to an overall record of 57-13-5. Reiter faced Joe Hipp in his next bout and finished his career with a record of 2-5, with both of his wins coming by knockout.

Leo Bercier (left) made his pro debut facing an unbeaten Shawn Hawk.

Note Joe Tessitore in the lower right corner checking out the action in the ring while Teddy Atlas talks to the camera.

Hawk would claim the unanimous decision win to remain unbeaten. Bercier would stay active fighting in the Northwest and finish his career with a record of 8-20-1 before turning to bare knuckle boxing. Hawk finished his career with a record of 23-3-1. His last two fights were for the WBO Light Heavyweight Title.

When ESPN is in town, and the crowd is on television, the ring card girls do what they can to raise the level of excitement...

... and sometimes that means leaning over the ropes to make certain the crowd can be heard.