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February 26, 2005

Tyrone 'Fists of Fury' Harris faced Leo Martinez in the Main Event

Harris would claim the unanimous decision win in the bout to claim his 6th win and remain unbeaten. Harris currently has 26 wins with 15 losses and 16 knockouts. Martinez would finish his career with 16 wins and 16 losses and 7 knockouts.

Shelley Burton faced off against Lisa Holewyne in an undecard bout.

Burton would take the unanimous decision win to claim her sixth win.

Burton would finish her career with 8 wins and 3 losses, 2 of those wins coming via knockout.

Holewyne had a long career and finished with 25 wins and 17 losses with 2 draws with 8 of her wins coming behind the knockout.

Everyone cheers for a ring card girl.

Here are three of the most stellar men in Pacific Northwest boxing, Wally Jorgenson, trainer and manager: Rafael Ortiz, boxer; and Sam DiTusa, trainer and manager.

Ortiz finished his career at 14 wins with 14 losses and 2 draws. His most impressive statistic was that 13 of his 14 wins came behind a knockout. Tragically, Ortiz died in 2008.