The Brawl at Harmony Hall IV

June 24, 2017

PNW Promotions

Both Rob Diezel and Philip Adyaka were on two fight win streaks coming in to the main event at Harmony Hall. While their wins had come over opponents with losing records, the two men displayed skill as boxers that proved they had earned those wins.

Diezel controlled the action in the opening round by keeping Adyaka on the move. Diezel fired a stiff jab to force that movement. Because Adyaka had to keep moving, he was unable to land many punches. Adyaka was most effective when he was able to close the distance between himself and Diezel, but those opportunities did not occur very often. Adyaka had a better second round because he increased his punch output. As he did at moments in the first round, Adyaka was effective when he kept the fight in tight. Diezel through the round was able to land a number of scoring shots to make the round close.

Adyaka threw a lot of punches in the third round, however, too often he found himself reaching to connect. Diezel took advantage of the openings to shoot scoring shots up the middle. Diezel answered the bell for the fourth round with an increase in aggressiveness. He chased Adyaka and landed punches that knocked Adyaka across the ring. In the midst of the action, Adyaka was knocked in to the ropes, and in the referee's judgement, the ropes kept Adyaka from hitting the canvas, and he thus administered a count.

Diezel continued to throw more punches than Adyaka in the fifth round. Adyaka, out of necessity, became adept at blocking some of those punches, but he was unable to throw punches of his own. In the closing round Adyaka tried to take the attack to Diezel, and while Adyaka did land some shots, he could not stop Diezel from throwing hard straight scoring shots.

At the end of six rounds two judges scored the fight 60-52 and the third scored it 60-53, all in favor of Diezel who would score the unanimous decision win.

Diezel was able to score when he shot his left
Adyakaproved tough when fighting inside

Weston lands his left while Villanueva just misses

Marquis Weston has a height advantage in nearly every fight he enters. He was able to use that against Carlos Villanueva, though he could not rely on it because Villanueva is tough enough to fight in tight and close.

Villanueva moved in close and shot his jab at Weston's lanky body in the opening round. In doing so he also negated Weston's reach. Weston adjusted, and dropped his assault to Villanueva's body. Approaching the one minute mark of the opening round Weston landed a right to Villanueva's body and dropped him. Villanueva popped up, and the fight continued. Thirty seconds later, another Weston body shot dropped Villanueva. Again he popped up to continue. While Villanueva proved to be tough and resilient, he did not have an answer for Weston's body shots. Early in the second round Weston landed a right counter punch that again dropped Villanueva. Again, Villanueva stood and continued. Villanueva tried to close the distance and land shots to Weston's body, but he could not mount enough offense. As the round closed, Weston again landed a heavy body shot.

The opening moments of the third round saw Villanueva fight in a more aggressive manner. That however meant he would leave openings, and Weston found one of those openings and again landed a body shot that dropped Villanueva at the fifty second mark. The referee stepped in and waved the fight to an end. Villanueva was not happy about that, and expressed his dismay.

Weston would score the TKO win at the fifty second mark of the third round.



William Fernandez has yet to win a fight, and he was going to be hard pressed to land in the win column in facing Steven Villalobos, unbeaten in three fights. Villalobos has faced fighters with little or no professional experience, but that has not stopped him from showing improvement in each of his fights.

Early in the opening round Fernandez was able to fire shots at Villalobos, and a few of them landed. Then Villalobos settled in to a rhythm and in doing so he landed a number of shots to Fernandez's ribs. A few moments later Villalobos again landed a body shot and followed that with an overhand right which landed on Fernandez's head and dropped him.

The referee immediately stepped in to wave the fight to an end. Villalobos would claim his fourth win by knockout at 1:51 of the first round.


Villalobos's right lifted Fernandez off the canvas

Morales catches Davila with his left

Victor Morales has yet to lose a fight in five outings. Kevin Davila has only won once in six outings. However, in the five round affair lightweight affair it was Davila that proved impressive. While he did not come out with a win, it appeared outside of that, he fought a smart and tactical fight that at times had Morales frustrated.

Davila's ploy was to wait for Morales, and he did jut that at the opening bell as he stood in his corner and waited for Morales to come to him. Davila spent the round throwing counter punches, and he was able to land punches to Morales's head. Morales threw more punches in the round, but he was not able to land anything that did much damage. Morales fell in to a rhythm in the second round and in so doing he was able to score. Davila proved that he could roll with a lot of punches, and in so doing, keep Morales from gaining a big advantage in the round. Davila's counter punching ability was still effective and Morales felt that a few times in the round.

In the third round Morales focused his attack on Davila's body. Additionally Morales kept shooting his jab in Davila's face. Davila found success behind a straight right that scored when landed to Morales' body. Morales controlled most of the action in the fourth round behind his jab. While he occasionally threw a shot to Davila's body, he kept Davila on the defense with the jab.

Davila had a good closing round as he came after Morales. Davila's aggressive manner was effective, and he was able to block some of Morales' shots, he could not inflict enough damage to turn the fight.

After five rounds two judges scored the fight 50-45, the third judge scored the fight 49-46 all in favor of Morales who would remain unbeaten with the unanimous decision.

Nicholas Jefferson has an impressive amateur resume. Perhaps most evident in his fight against Alex Eastman was the fact that Jefferson was a four time Golden Glove champion.

Jefferson, from the opening bell exhibited an edge in quickness and power. Jefferson landed a number of combinations before Eastman could throw a punch. Jefferson knocked Eastman to the canvas thirty seconds in to the round. Eastman rose and continued. Jefferson landed another quick combination to again drop Eastman, forcing the referee to wave the fight to an end.

Jefferson would score the TKO win at :49 of the opening round.

Jefferson lands his left and follows it with a right

Arias launches his right


Jonathan Arias and Eric Cronkhite seemed to be headed on different paths as they encountered each other in a four round undercard bout. Arias was on a two bout win streak while Cronkhite had lost his two opening bouts.

The opening round was close mostly due to the fact that neither man could gain control. Cronkhite threw more punches, but Arias used good footwork to avoid getting caught with anything solid. Arias had a good second round as he focused his attack on Cronkhite's body. That took Cronkhite out of his rhythm and he was unable to land punches as he had in the opening round.

It appeared that Arias would control the third round with effective counter punching, but the fact that he was counter punching meant that Cronkhite was throwing punches as well. While signs of both men being tired appeared in the fourth round, at the midpoint, sensing the score may be close, both fighters stepped up the action. Arias proved to be effective with his right while Cronkhite applied pressure to keep Arias moving.

After four rounds one judge scored the bout 39-37 for Arias, the other two judges scored the bout 39-37 for Cronkhite who would take the split decision victory and claim his first win.

Kevin Torres has ye to lose in his young professional career, though he has fought to one draw. Opposite him in a four round bout stood Josh Solis who has yet to win in three fights as a pro.

Solis answered the opening bell looking to land punches that would move him toward a win. Torres was patient and counter punched when the chance arose. Midway through the round Torres began to catch Solis to the body. that slowed Solis' punch output. As Solis slowed, Torres moved in close and landed a flurry of shots to the body. Solis crumpled to a knee and the referee stepped in to end the fight.

Torres would score the knockout win at 2:32 of the first round.

Torres (left) lands a left to Solis' body

Porter shoots his left between Orr's defense

It had been nearly two years since Frankie Orr had stepped in to the ring. On that occasion he scored an impressive win over Dennis Hallman. Local product Dylan Potter was making his professional debut in the four round bout that opened the evening.

It was evident that Orr had some ring experience in the opening round as he threw and landed scoring combinations. Potter, as is often the case in a fighter's debut, shot his jab while taking the measure of Orr. Potter had a more productive second round as he loosened up and began to throw punches with both hands. He also was effective with his uppercut, and as the round closed he was looking to score behind a heavy left hand.

Most of the punches thrown in the third round, by both men, were aimed at the other's head. Potter had the advantage in that category, mostly due to a slight reach advantage. At 2:30 of the round Potter caught Orr with a right to the head and Orr dropped to the canvas. He rose to finish the round. Potter scored another knockdown at the two minute mark of the fourth round, again with a right to Orr's head. Potter used his reach to control the action in the round, though as it drew to a close Orr landed a solid shot to Potter's head, but it was not enough to knock Potter down.

After four rounds two judges scored the fight 39-35, the third scored it 38-36 all in favor of Dylan Potter who would claim an unanimous decision for his first win.

Ring Girl Olivia took care of the duties between rounds

Kevin Davila (left) fought tough against Morales

Pacific Northwest Promotions will return for Brawl at Harmony Hall V on October 14th