Coast Hotel and Convention Centre

April 7th

photos courtesy of Dave Allison and Hassan Behgouei

Clash at the Cascades

Sarah Pucek Claims Title in Langley BC

For the third time in a year Sarah Pucek headlined a fight card at the Coast Convention Center in Langley BC. As was the case the last two outings she was in a tough fight. Marquita Lee of San Francisco showed up to win the fight and go home with the North American Boxing Federation title.  Lee had suffered from inactivity until she got an offer to fight Shelly Vincent late last year. The Lee-Vincent fight went the full 8 rounds and Lee showed she can compete at the highest level of the sport. Lee lost the decision against Vincent but was offered the fight with Sarah Pucek in January with a March date. The fight was moved to April 7, Lee had a great training camp and was ready to give the performance she would need to win the NABF title and join Claressa Shields and be the second woman to win the iconic title.

Sarah Pucek’s last fight was Sept 9th against Lucia Larcinese of Montreal, she won a 10 round split decision over Lucia Larcinese. Pucek has also had inactivity issues however it was due to a 3-year hiatus from the sport due to collage commitments and work. There was no room in her life at the time for boxing, this has changed and Pucek has found a new dedication to the sport says her trainer Dave Allison. The two have been together since the amateurs and Allison says Pucek is a very young 30, she has been a pro for almost 10 years with stops and starts. She had 16 amateur fights over 20 months then turned pro and had her first 3 pro fights in a 6-month period.  She had her comeback fight April 1 of 2016 and fighting Lee for the NABF title is her third fight back.

Pucek fights in the featherweight division however Lee's camp wanted the fight at 130lb. Both women weighed in below 130, Lee came in at 127 and Pucek at 128. The fight started with Pucek moving a lot using her jab and legs to establish distance. The first 3 rounds were obviously feeling out rounds with Pucek setting the pace. The fourth round saw Pucek pick up the pace and start landing right hands, Lee tried to answer in kind however was missing the mark. Lee was dangerous and proved it in the 6th round coming out with a very impressive round. It was an exciting round that went to Lee.

The fight was scheduled for 8 rounds and got better as each round went by. Pucek started to land combinations and was finishing with some solid left hooks. Both women had good body attacks going down the stretch, Pucek was faster and pulled the trigger better than Lee and this was the difference. The unanimous decision went to Pucek who had clearly won the fight.


The pro am show featured another pro fight on the card. A four round fight featured a match between amateur standout Julian Kim making his pro debut and veteran Ted Reno from Calgary Alberta. For Kim it was a perfect pro debut he was able to win every round however Reno forced Kim enough to make it a valuable fight. Kim won a unanimous decision with a shut out.





Ed Garner, Sarah Pucek and Joel Scobie