Battle at the Boat 115

March 17, 2018

Brian Halquist and the

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The match up pitting Ray Lampkin Jr. and Giovanni Cabrera-Mioletti was the type of fight Pacific Northwest fans have been yearning to see. Both men entered the ring unbeaten. Both men exude confidence as well they should, as they are skilled fighters. The sold out crowd anticipated a tactical slugfest, and for as long as the fight lasted, that is what they saw.

lampkin controlled the early moments of the first round as he threw a lot of punches at Cabrera-Mioletti, and some of them caught Cabrera-Mioletti to the body and the chin, However, Cabrera-Mioletti seemed unfazed and continued to walk toward Lampkin, sticking his jab in Lampkin's face. There were moments when the two men locked up and held, but the referee was quick to step in and break them apart. As the round reached the midpoint, Cabrera-Mioletti settled in to a rhythm and more of his punches began to connect. lampkin was able to answer, but he was not able to make Cabrera-Mioletti back down. As the round ended Cabrera-Mioletti was landing his right to Lampkin's head, and backing Lampkin across the ring.

Cabrera-Mioletti continued his assault in the second round, and nearing the one minute mark he landed a solid right hand that staggered Lampkin and backed him against the ropes. Cabrera-Mioletti adjusted to Lampkin's pressure after that and switched to fight the left handed Lampkin as a southpaw as well. The change momentarily puzzled lampkin, but he too made the adjustment and the two men exchanged shots in the middle of the ring. Then Cabrera-Mioletti began to increase his punch numbers, and many of them landed to Lampkin's head. Lampkin continued to throw at Cabrera-Mioletti, and even thought he punches carried some sting, they did not slow Cabrera-Mioletti as he continued to walk forward and land punches to Lampkin's body and head. As the round was drawing to a close Cabrera-Mioletti landed a flurry of shots that dropped Lampkin in the corner. Lampkin stood to take the count, resting his arms on the ropes. As the referee finished his count, he moved Lampkin's arms from the ropes and Lampkin's knees wavered. When asked to step forward, Lampkin stumbled. The referee called an end to the fight at 2:46 of the second round.

Cabrera-Mioletti would remain unbeaten with the TKO victory as lampkin would taste defeat for the first time in twelve fights.

Cabrera-Mioletti stuns Lampkin with a right

Lampkin throws his left over Cabrera-Mioletti's right

Wright lands his right to Torres' head


Tacoma's Walter Wright returned to the ring to face Eduardo Torres in the nights semi main event. Wright has been honing his skills and working to regain the power and style he had after his long layoff. Torres has proven to be a tough competitor, his only loss coming in his pro debut.

The opening round was close for the first minute, and then Wright landed a combination to Torres body that dropped Torres to the canvas. Torres rose, but he was a bit more cautious in his attack after that. Both men threw heavy shots to the other's body to close out the round. Wright focused his assault on Torres' body in the second round, and he landed his left to Torres' midsection fairly often. As the body punches were taking a toll, Wright began to throw an occasional right to Torres' head. Torres spend the latter moments of the round moving out of Wright's range.

Torres fought a solid round in the third. Wright was still able to land his left to Torres' body, but Torres was also able to back Wright against the ropes and land solid shots to Wright's body and chin. Torres however did not sustain his attack and when he backed off, Wright returned to the body shots. Torres suffered a cut over his left eye in the fourth round, and though initially bothered by the flow of blood, he regained his focus and continued to try to mount an offense that would slow Wright's body attack. Wright was very effective in landing his left hand to Torres' body.

The pace of the fifth round was slower than the previous rounds. Wright continued to land a number of body shots and when he found a space, he threw his left at Torres' head. Torres worked hard to hang with Wright and return the punches, but he was taking a lot of shots to the body and the head.

Torres' corner called for an end to the fight at the end of the fifth. Wright would score the TKO win at 3:00 of the fifth round.

Nicholas Credit stepped in to the ring making his professional debut facing Cris Reyes, a man who had won his only professional bout.

The opening moments of the first round were close as Credit used his height advantage to throw and land punches to Reyes head and body. Reyes stepped up the aggression and began to counter Credit's punches. For a moment it appeared the fight might turn ugly and into a pushing, holding and shoving affair. Then, while in the center of the ring, Reyes threw a solid right that caught Credit and dropped him to the canvas. Credit rose, and looked good in throwing punches at Reyes until Reyes began to assert himself and pressured Credit. Reyes threw punches to back Credit toward the corner, and when Reyes landed a left-right combination, Credit staggered backwards and began to collapse on the ropes. The referee caught Credit before he collapsed and waved the fight to an end.

Reyes would score the TKO victory at 2:08 of the first round.

Reyes scores a knodkdown with his left

Flores catches Najera with his right

In the closest fight of the night Isaiah Najera and Marcos Flores squared off in a four round affair. Both men area early in their professional career, and though perhaps a bit green, they showed a level of boxing skill that ha the crowd cheering as the fight progressed.

In the first round each man displayed his tactical skills working the other's body. Both men have quick hands, and that allowed them to double up punches and move from the body to the head. Flores fought a solid second round as he kept his jab in Najera's face. Flores had Najera in a bit of trouble as the second round drew to a close, but Najera negated Flores' attack by holding Flores' arm on the side away from the referee.

Flores controlled the slower pace of the third round as he walked Najera across the ring. najera continued to answer Flores' assault, but Najera was not as accurate as he had been earlier in the fight. The fourth round was tight as both men answered the bell aggressively, sensing the fight was close. Flores continued to throw a lot of punches, but Najera was slick in avoiding many of them. The round ended with Najera pinning Flores in the corner and landing shots to Flores' body.

At the end of four rounds the judges scored the fight 39-37; 39-38; and 40-37 all in favor of Najera who would claim the unanimous decision win.

In the shortest fight of the night Jorge Linares faced Nicholas Brannies. Brannies answered the opening bell coming out swinging, but Linares calmly walked toward him and threw his jab. Linares turned Brannies and landed a straight left to Brannies' head, and before Linares could double that with his right, Brannies was face down on the canvas awaiting the referee's count.

Linares would score the knockout win at :32 of the opening round.

Linares uses his reach to catch Brannies

Gomez's left sends Padilla to his knee


Juan Gomez faced Benjamin Amezquita Padilla in the opening bout of the night. Gomez was making his professional debut while Padilla had lost his only other venture in the ring.

There was a lot of action early as each man threw a lot of punches, tossing rights and lefts at each other as quickly as they could reload. At the midpoint of the round Gomez began to settle, and when he did he gained control of the fight. Gomez backed Padilla in to the corner and landed a solid right hand that dropped Padilla. Padilla rose, and the fight continued. Gomez then backed Padilla against the ropes and as the round was drawing to a close Gomez landed a left-right combination that again dropped Padilla. The referee stepped in and waved the fight to an end.

Gomez would score the TKO win at 2:36 of the opening round for his first professional victory.

Matchmaker Andy Nance gets some ring time with the Ring Card Girls