Battle at the Boat 117

September 8, 2018

Brian Halquist and the

Emerald Queen Casino

One point was certain in the main event that matched Carlos Padilla against Giovanni Mioletti, and that is that Padilla is not afraid to face tough opposition. Padilla's previous three opponents had a combined record of 44 wins and only 2 losses. Mioletti has not lost since he stepped in the ring as a pro, compiling a twelve bout win streak.

Mioletti was easily the busier fighter in the opening round. Padilla did occasionally answer, but he seemed to be spending the round thinking about how to best counter Mioletti's aggression. In the second round Mioletti's most effective weapon was the double jab followed by a left to the body. Each time he threw that combination he would quickly slip to the left or right to create another angle from which to attack. Padilla’s frustration began to show as he was unable to find a way to land shots.

Padilla had a better third round as he was more willing to step in close to land shots to Mioletti's body. That however, meant that Mioletti could also throw his combinations at shorter range. Early in the round there was a clash of heads which occurred at the same time as Mioletti landed a punch to Padilla's ribs. Padilla dropped to a knee, looked to the referee who waved the drop off as a slip and the fight continued. The momentum that Padilla built early in the round began to shift at the midpoint as Mioletti landed more punches. The fourth round saw Mioletti land his heaviest shots. His attack included shots to Padilla's chin late in the round. As the round closed Padilla appeared tired while Mioletti was gaining strength.

Padilla’s corner and the ringside doctor agreed that the fight should not enter a fifth round. Gio Mioletti would claim his thirteenth win by TKO at 3:00 of the fourth round.


Mioletti used his reach to land threw Padilla's defense

Mioletti's left caught Padilla's chin and signalled an end was in sight

Green's (left) left hand landed to Linares' head to end the bout.


Shae Green had not fought in a year, and that bout ended in a draw. Jorge Linares stepped in to the ring for the fourth time this year and riding a two win streak. The tall men with long reaches were scheduled to fight for five rounds.

Early in the round Green threw a right that caught Linares just a bit off balance and sent Linares to the canvas. Linares bounced up quickly, flashed a smile and after the count stepped toward Green with new found aggression. Linares' backed Green in to the corner and from there against the ropes as he landed a number of shots to Green's body. For the next two minutes Linares worked himself back in to contention in the fight. Then at the 2:40 mark Green landed a sharp right hand to Linares' head to score a second knockdown. Linares rose and though he appeared unsteady, continued. Green stepped to Linares and landed another right that again dropped Linares. The referee quickly called the bout to an end.

Green would score the TKO win 2:50 of the opening round.

Andres Reyes and Sean Gee faced each in a five round bout. Both men are looking for some consistency to build their record. The fights each has lost were against tough opponents and stylistically, these two were well matched.

The opening round was very close as each fighter threw punches at opportune moments, but neither was able to exert complete control. The experience each brought in to the ring showed as they were composed and measured in their attacks. Reyes spent much of the second round making Gee move about the ring. When he saw openings, Reyes through shots that targeted Gee's body, though he also fired a few to Gee's head as well. Reyes closed the round landing a number of punches to Gee's body as he was backed on the ropes.

The third round was also very close. Gee managed to increase the pressure on Reyes. Reyes countered Gee’s aggression by closing the distance and launching shots toward Gee's head. The pace of the fourth round was slower. Neither man threw as many punches as he had been throwing, and instead moved around the ring looking for opportunities to land a big shot.

Gee had his best round in the fifth. He landed solid shots to Reyes' body. He closed the distance between the two and when in tight he was able to land as well. Reyes effectively counter punched to keep the action moving.

At the end of five rounds one judge scored the fight 48-47 in Gee's favor, the other two scored in 48-47 for Reyes who would claim a split decision win.


Gee (left) and Andres Reyes fought aggressively through all five rounds

Cris Reyes lands his right to Wolf's body

Cris Reyes stepped in to the ring unbeaten to face Keith Wolf, a man who had lost is only previous bout.

The experience Reyes brought in to the ring became evident early in the opening round. Reyes threw more punches and moved to avoid much of what Wolf threw his way. Reyes was effective when he threw his jab and followed it with a right to the body. Midway through the round Reyes scored a knockdown when he caught Wolf stepping toward him. Wolf rose and shook off the shot to continue. Reyes scored a second knockdown at the 2:50 mark of the round, and again, Wolf rose to continue as the bell sounded to end the round.

Reyes began the second round in a patient, calculating mode looking carefully for openings while avoiding Wolf's aggression. Just past the midpoint of the round Reyes stepped toward Wolf and threw a right left combination that dropped Wolf. The referee stepped in to quickly call the fight to an end.

Reyes scored his fourth win overall, this one by TKO at 1:52 of the second round.

Luis DeAlba and Andres Garcia Abarca stepped in to the ring to make their professional debut in a four round bout.

DeAlba controlled much of the action in the opening round as he was more aggressive. DeAlba's most effective punch was the uppercut that he threw each time the two men fought in close. Abarca threw punches to DeAlba's body in those exchanges. In the second round Abarca began to create some distance and that did not allow DeAlba to get close enough to throw the uppercut or land to Abarca's lanky body. There were moments in the round when the men did get close and they resorted to holding forcing the referee to step in to break them.

DeAlba suffered a cut over his right eye in the third round due to a hard shot Abarca threw. Abarca stepped up the punch numbers in the round. One reason for the increase in punches was that Abarca's long reach began to score more often. Abarca had a strong fourth round to close out the fight. His reach continued to keep DeAlba moving, and that decreased the number of times that DeAlba was able to shoot his right to score.

At the end of four rounds all three judges scored the fight 39-37 all in favor of Abarca who would claim his first professional win.

Abarca's long reach would eventually give him an advantage in the fight

Gomez lands a right to Duran's head.

Juan Gomez and Gilberto Duran are early in their boxing careers, each man with one win on his record. As is often the case in such fights, the men began the fray rather cautiously.

Once the men threw their initial punches, they appeared to relax and the action stepped up. There was a lot of movement around the ring with Gomez throwing more punches. Gomez targeted Duran's body with combinations, and he often scored. Late in the round Duran caught Gomez with a sharp punch to the head. Early in the second round Gomez stunned Duran and then proceeded to pummel Duran's body. Gomez effectively worked Duran's body then began to throw shots to Duran's head. At the end of the round Gomez was able to catch Duran with another heavy shot that stunned Duran.

The third round opened well for Duran as he stepped to Gomez and moved effectively while landing a few punches. Gomez was able to cover well and counter punch when Duran stepped close. As the round began to draw to an end, Duran briefly dropped his hands and that provided Gomez the opportunity to shoot his right hand and it landed flush on Duran's chin. Duran hit the canvas, and though he stood up, the referee waved the fight to an end.

Gomez claimed the TKO victory at 2:34 of the third round.


The reaction to the win, and the the loss are quite clear