Battle at the Boat 116

June 9, 2018

Brian Halquist and the

Emerald Queen Casino

The 116th installment of the Battle at the Boat featured a pair of young super featherweight fighters placing unbeaten records on the line in the main event. The two sported a combined record of nineteen wins and 11 of those coming by knockout. Giovanni Mioletti entered the ring with the edge in wins with eleven, Elijah Pierce entered with the edge in knockouts with seven.

Mioletti controlled much of the action in the opening round behind an effective and active jab. He kept his hand in Pierce's face for much of the round, and when not shooting the jab, he was firing a hard right to Pierce's body. Pierce countered well, and showed some power behind his right. At the 2:50 mark of the first round Mioletti landed a solid left that dropped Pierce to the canvas. He struggled to get up as the referee counted, and the bell sounded to end the round as Pierce stood and the referee hit eight. The minute in between rounds served Pierce well as he was able to gather himself and refocus his attention on Mioletti's attack. Mioletti looked early in the second to land big and end the fight, but Pierce proved tough and though he took a few punches, he countered well enough to stay in the round. Mioletti was patient in his attack.

Mioletti's patience worked to Pierce's advantage in the third round as Pierce was able to find a few holes in Mioletti's defense and land a few punches to Mioletti's head and body. Mid way through the third Mioletti returned to moving his feet and firing his jab to regain some of the momentum. The pace of the fourth round was slower than the previous three. Pierce continued to shoot his right through Mioletti's defense, and there were moments when he was able to land to Mioletti's chin. Mioletti rolled with most of those punches, but there were a few that landed flush.

Pierce hung with Mioletti punch for punch early in the fifth round. However, as the round wore on, it was Mioletti that was throwing more punches, and while Pierce countered effectively, he did not throw as many punches. Pierce looked tired at the end of the round. Pierce gained a second wind in the sixth round and he was able to land more punches even though Mioletti may have thrown more. The difference for Pierce was that he was clever in choosing his moments and finding space to jump in and score.

Pierce had a good seventh round as he was able to once again shoot his right through Mioletti's defense and score with some heavy shots to Mioletti's chin and body. Pierce continued his assault in the eighth shooting punches at Mioletti's chin. By mid round however Pierce stopped throwing his right up the middle and began to throw looping wide right hands hoping to catch Mioletti with a round ending punch. Pierce's change in style allowed Mioletti to once again use his feet to bounce and move about the ring while keeping a hand in Pierce's face. By the end of the round Mioletti began to regain the momentum that Pierce had taken in the previous rounds.

Mioletti fought a solid ninth round as he was able to control the Pierce's movement. He forced Pierce to back away from trouble and in so doing Mioletti landed some solid shots to Pierce's head and body. Pierce answered the bell for the tenth round by running to the center of the ring and throwing a number of quick hard punches. Mioletti weathered that barrage and answered with a number of punches of his won. Once the initial flurry of punches died down, Mioletti settled into a rhythm and methodically began to shoot his right hand at Pierce's chin. As the round drew to a close Pierce landed a heavy right on Mioletti's chin.

After ten rounds two judges scored the fight 97-92, the third scored it 100-89 all in favor of Giovanni Mioletti who would remain unbeaten. behind the unanimous decision.



Cabrera-Mioletti stuns Pierce with a right

Pierce lands a left on Cabrera-Mioletti's chin

Villalobos' right hand would do some damage near the end of the opening round

The build up to the super welterweight bout pitting unbeaten Steven Villalobos against Jose Leon may have been more intriguing than the fight. The two have been engaged in a battle of words that would be settled in the ring.

Spectators anticipated a quickly evolving war at the opening bell, but instead witnessed a slow pace as each man patiently threw a few jabs as if waiting to see the other's plan of attack. After about thirty seconds Villalobos began to exert himself as he threw some heavy punches at Leon. Leon occasionally answered, but it appeared as though he could not free his hands to counter Villalobos.

At 2:15 of the round Villalobos knocked Leon into the corner with a hard right. Villalobos then jumped on Leon, landing a flurry of punches that forced the referee to step in, separate the two and because the ropes kept Leon from hitting the canvas, the referee administered the count. Leon dropped to a knee to recover, rose at eight and the fight continued. Briefly. Villalobos landed a few more punches, Leon was unable to answer, the referee waved the fight to an end at 2:47 of the first round.

Villalobos remains unbeaten behind the TKO victory.


Super bantamweights Sebastian Baltazar and Isiah Najera entertained the crowd in a four round affair. Baltazar had yet to experience victory , while Najera was coming off a win in his last outing.

Both men threw a lot of punches in the opening round, however it was Baltazar that gained an edge when he landed a big left hand that sent Najera to the canvas. Najera rose and fought well enough to close the round with some momentum. After the wild swinging in round one, both men settled in and began to box more in the second round. Najera effectively threw his jab, and when in close Baltazar answered with hard looping punches. though Baltazar was able to score with some of those punches, Najera hung tough.

Baltazar's heavy punches had Najera in trouble early in the third round. Najera took some time to focus and then he returned to using his jab to set up his right to the body. Baltazar threw a lot of wide and heavy punches, but few of them landed. The fourth round was a good round for those that like to see a lot of punches thrown. najera was throwing the more controlled punches while Baltazar continued his attack behind wide and heavy shots.

After four rounds one judge scored the fight 38-37 for Najera, the other two scored the fight 38-37 for Baltazar who would claim his first victory with the split decision.

Najera lands his left while Baltazar throws his right

Linares throws a right through Neal's defense

Jorge Linares had been scheduled to fight Marcos Cardenas, but instead faced Antonio Neal in a five round welterweight bout. Linares has improved with each entrance in to the rind, and though Neal had dropped three of his last bouts, he is a solid opponent with good boxing skills.

Neal controlled the action early in the opening round as he pressed Linares, forcing him to move across the ring. Once Linares settled and fell in to a rhythm, he was able to open up and throw punches that landed to Neal's head and body. Linares shifted the momentum of the fight by landing left hooks to Neal's ribs. Linares continued to control the action in the early portions of the second round, often behind the left hook. Neal was able to land shots to Linares' head when the two men fought in close.

Initially, the pace of the third round was slower than the previous two, and then both men began to open up and throw more punches. Linares focused his attack on Neal's body, and he proved effective in slipping many of the heavy shots Neal threw in his direction. Neal fought a solid fourth round as he began to land punches to Linares' body.

The fifth round was quite close. Both men were less active and threw fewer punches, but the ones they did throw often landed. Neal covered well and that kept Linares from landing any damaging shots to the body. Neal's defense also meant that Linares could focus the majority of his punches on Neal's head.

After five rounds two judges scored the fight 50-45 while the third scored the fight 49-46 all in favor of Jorge Linares who would claim the unanimous decision win.

Bryce Gonzales made his professional debut as a boxer facing unbeaten Cris Reyes. Reyes scored a win by TKO in his last outing and he was looking to duplicate that feat against Gonzales.

Gonzales controlled the early portions of the opening round by throwing a lot of shots at Reyes' body. The Gonzales attack forced Reyes to through counter punches, and he did so effectively. As the round approached the midpoint, Reyes backed Gonzales to the ropes and landed a flurry of punches that dropped Gonzales to the canvas. He rose and the fight continued. Reyes continued his assault, and as the round ended Reyes again landed solid punches that dropped Gonzales for a second time. Gonzales fought tough as he answered the bell to begin the second round, but Reyes was landing the heavier punches. Reyes scored the third knock down of the fight early in the third round. Once again Gonzales rose to continue, but again Reyes backed him on to the ropes and landed a number of heavy right hands. When Reyes landed a well placed right to Gonzales' head the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Cris Reyes scored the TKO win at 1:21 of the second round to remain unbeaten.

Reyes would score a knockdown early in the opening round

Weber's overhand right would inflict some damage on Knopp

Brent Knopp and AJ Weber opened the night in a scheduled four round heavyweight fight. The two men cautiously approached each other to begin the fight, perhaps respecting the potential power behind a heavyweight's punch. Knopp threw the first flurry of punches, but Weber answered with a left-right-left combination that staggered Knopp. Weber followed that with a hard right to the side of Knopp's head that dropped Knopp to the canvas. Knopp rose to continue, but Weber backed him to the ropes and smothered him with shots to the body. When Weber there another right, it again sent Knopp to the canvas. As he rose while the referee counted, Knopp's corner mounted the steps and thew in the towel to call the fight to an end.

AJ Weber would claim the TKO victory at 1:15 of the opening round.


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