Battle at the Boat 105

March 26, 2016

Brian Halquist and the

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Andrew Hernandez and Dionisio Miranda wound up in the main event after a few of the other matchups faced difficulties. That did not however lessen the skill level in display in the ring. The two men are adept at being tactical boxers, looking for openings while remaining cautious of the other's power. Both men were looking to gain a win; Hernandez had lost his previous two fights, while Miranda had hit a six fight skid.

The pace of the opening round was relatively slow as both men were cautious and trying to find an opening to jump in and land shots. Miranda found a rhythm near the midpoint of the round and was able to catch Hernandez with his jab. As the round drew to a close it was Hernandez's reach that gave him an advantage as he caught Miranda stepping in close. Both men threw jabs at a good rate in the second round. Hernandez began to land the overhand right in the later portion of the round and that signaled a change in momentum.

Miranda had a good third round as he focused his attack on Hernandez's lanky body. Miranda took the fight in close and while there, he threw a number of body shots that caused Hernandez to step back allowing Miranda to control the action of the round. The fourth round was close as Miranda remained in tight, looking to land his right to Hernandez's ribs. Hernandez adjusted his tactics and returned to using his reach. In the final minute of the round, Hernandez was landing the straight right to Miranda's head.

Hernandez continued to use his reach to knock Miranda about the ring in the fifth round. Most often Hernandez was able to score using right hand power punches. Near the end of the round it appeared that Hernandez had Miranda hurt. Miranda spent the closing moments of the round stepping away from Hernandez's power though he was not firing back. Miranda appeared tired in the sixth round and that allowed Hernandez to press the action and walk Miranda back, landing a majority of the punches he threw. Miranda was able to throw a few shots, but those shots did not land with the sting they had early in the fight.

Miranda was more energetic in the opening moments of the seventh round and due to that, he was able to land a few shots to Hernandez's head. Hernandez withstood the pressure and returned to using his reach advantage to land and score. At the end of the round Miranda slouched on the stool. He was tired and he had not been able to slow Hernandez. Miranda's corner man signaled to the referee that his fighter would not continue.

Hernandez would claim the TKO victory at 3:00 of the seventh round.

Early in the fight Miranda was able to land effectively
As the fight continued, Hernandez did a lot of damage with his right

Reyes was able to score behiind his right

Andres Reyes had not stepped in to the ring in nearly a year, and his last appearance had been a loss to tough Ray Lampkin Jr. Zach Cooper fought in January, and he scored a majority decision win. Reyes had looked impressive in his previous appearances, and Cooper looked refocused and ready to show his skill as a fighter.

Both men came out throwing early in the fight. While the jab was often thrown first, most often the men were looking to land with their power hand. Midway through the round Reyes walked Cooper down and landed a left flush to Cooper's chin that dropped him to the canvas. Cooper was able to rise, but he was stunned enough that he could not mount much offense through the remainder of the round. The opening minute of the second round was close as both men were able to land scoring punches. Again Reyes backed Cooper to the ropes and landed a flurry of punches to Cooper's body and head. Cooper slumped, but with a bit of help from the ropes he did not go down.

Cooper began the third round with a new focus and that meant he was able to land scoring punches, often when in close, to Reyes' body. While both fighters were quite busy, Reyes had the advantage in the number of punches thrown. Reyes returned to his most effective weapon in the fourth, his straight right. Cooper tried to take the fight in close, and he scored when landing shots to Reyes' body.

Reyes pressed Cooper throughout the fifth round, throwing his right hand at Cooper's body and head. Cooper continued his assault on Reyes' body, but he was not effective in backing Reyes off the attack

At the end of five rounds one judge scored the bout 49-45, the other two scored it 50-44, all in favor of Andres Reyes who would score the unanimous decision win.

One of the more interesting fights of the night pitted unbeaten local favorite Isaac Tadeo against Steven McKinney, a tough man who proved he could take a punch. Tadeo came in looking heavier than he had in previous fights, though that did not prove to be a disadvantage as McKinney was a stout and strong opponent.

McKinney threw a lot of punches in the opening moments of the fight, trying to send a message to Tadeo that despite his record, he was not going to go quietly. Tadeo calmly stepped toward McKinney throwing his right hand and landing with consistency. McKinney was the busier fighter in the second round as well; however, throwing more punches does not mean the fighter is scoring effectively. Tadeo stood in front of McKinney and landed the heavier shots.

McKinney's lack of defense was exposed in the third round. Tadeo was blocking many of the punches that McKinney threw; McKinney could not slip or block many of the shots from Tadeo. Tadeo's heavy shots began to affect McKinney in the fourth round as his punch output slowed. When McKinney did throw punches, Tadeo covered up and blocked many of them. There was little fighting inside as both men were content to fight at arm's length.

Compared to the first four rounds, the pace of the fifth round was slower. However, there were still a lot of punches thrown. McKinney spent much of the round trying to target Tadeo's head, looking for a punch that would knock Tadeo down. Tadeo jabbed in close and then unloaded with his right hand, scoring often.

At the end of five rounds all three judges agreed, scoring the fight 50-45 all in favor of Isaac Tadeo who remained unbeaten behind the unanimous decision win.

Tadeo landed most of the shots he threw, and McKinney withstood them

Turner's left knocked Keys down; the crowd looks surprised


After his debut win, expectations were high for Andre Keys. He was coming off an impressive TKO win in his debut. On the other side of the ring, Thomas Turner had not seen any action for more than two and a half years, and at that time he had dropped three straight.

Despite the way the fight started, with Keys fighting behind his jab and scoring with it, it was over pretty quickly. A minute in to the round, Turner moved Keys back in to the ropes and threw a right uppercut. While that punch grazed Keys, it set Turner up to throw a left that caught Keys flush on the chin. As Keys was collapsing to the canvas, Turner followed with a right that, because Keys was falling, just missed. Keys rose quickly, but his legs were wobbly. He staggered and slid across the ring, looking to adjust his shorts. The referee followed him, counting and trying to get Keys' attention. When Keys finally stopped moving, the referee looked closely at his legs and eyes, and waved the fight to an end.

Turner would come back from the long layoff and score the TKO victory at 1:36 of the first round.

William Fernandez was looking for his first win after four outings against Sean Gee. a man coming off of three straight losses. It is not that either man is a poor fighter, what one notices is that they have been matched well and lost to fighters who were able to gain an advantage in four round fights.

There were moments of fighting interspersed with lulls in the opening round of the fight. Gee was able to score early in the round, often using his jab to step close and then looking to land to Fernandez's body. In the later portion of the round Fernandez began to use his reach advantage to score. Fernandez continued to score behind the jab in the second round. He fell in to a rhythm in which he would step in, throw the combination, then back out to make Gee step toward him. Gee did counter punch effectively near the midpoint of the round and he landed a number of scoring punches as the round drew to a close.

Fernandez controlled much of the action in the third round as he was able to catch Gee with his jab. When the fight moved in close, Gee unleashed his uppercut and threw his right to Fernandez's body. Gee took control of the fight in the fourth round by keeping Fernandez's back to the ropes. Fernandez was forced to cover up, and when he did that, Gee unloaded a barrage of body shots. As Fernandez dropped his elbows to cover his ribs, Gee threw his overhand right at Fernandez's head. Gee's assault took a toll on Fernandez as his punch output slowed in the round.

At the end of four one judge scored the fight even at 38, another scored the fight 39-37 for Gee, and the third scored the fight 40-36 for Gee who would score a majority decision win to get back on the winning track.

Gee was able to score using his uppercut

Solorio was able to control the fight inside

Gabriel Solorio might have been relieved to step in to the ring to see a new face. He had faced the same man in his previous two fights, fighting to a draw the first time and losing the second. Antonio Neal, a fighter that had tasted defeat in his last three fights, might have been looking for some redemption after experiencing a hot start to his professional career.

In the opening round both fighters unloaded with heavy shots. There was little to suggest that either would jab his way in close until the round began to draw to an end. Solorio threw a lot of uppercuts when he and Neal got close, but few were able to rick Neal. Solorio then changed to throwing body shots, forcing Neal to cover his ribs. The second round was close, though Solorio gained a slight edge in that he was able to land scoring punches to Neal's head before dropping to the body. Neal answered throwing stiff rights, but he was forced to cover up too often, and that limited his scoring opportunities.

In the third round Neal found a way to score, and that was most often by throwing his right hand straight at Solorio's head. Neal's hand speed proved to give him a slight advantage in the round. Solorio's punches were a coming from outside and were too wild to connect effectively. Neal answered the bell for the final round swinging to land a big shot and put the fight away. He was able to land some of those shots early, but then Solorio closed the distance and kept the fight in close which gave him an advantage. In close Solorio landed punches to Neal's body, and he kept Neal from throwing heavy punches.

After four rounds all three judges scored the fight 40-36 in favor of Solorio who would rack up his first win as a professional.



The Ring Card Girls kept the fans entertained between rounds


Battle at the Boat returns in June for episode 106