Battle at the Boat 109

January 20, 2017

Brian Halquist and the

Emerald Queen Casino

Ricardo Pinell's last visit to the Emerald Queen four years ago resulted in a TKO win. He was early in his fight career, and on this night he would take a step up in competition. In his fifteen following fights, he had only lost twice. Dashon Johnson fought twenty bouts over the same time period, and while he ad dropped half of those, as of late, he has regained the mind and skill of a boxer, and facing tough opponents, Johnson has won seven of his last nine.

Fans who know Johnson expect him to be patient in the opening round, throwing his jab to keep his opponent honest, while moving out of trouble. Pinell was also tentative in the opening round as he looked to move Johnson within reach of a strong left hand. Well, toss what we expected of Johnson out the window as two minutes in to the round he jumped toward Pinell while he had Pinell on the ropes and when Johnson landed a fast combination, Pinell dropped to the canvas. Pinell rose fairly quickly, and though stunned Pinell fired his jab at Johnson to show he would not fold easily. Pinell answered the bell for the second round by shooting his right at Johnson and looking for an opportunity to shoot his left through Johnson's defense and score to Johnson's head. The pace of the round was slow until the closing minute when Johnson backed Pinell to the ropes and again landed a number of heavy combinations.

Pinell had a good strong third round as he began to throw and land combinations that forced Johnson to cover up and kept him moving and unable to return punches. While Johnson was able to cover and block much of Pinell's assault, he was unable to land scoring punches at the rate he did in the opening rounds. Pinell controlled the action of the fourth round behind his jab and his quick left hand. pinell focused his shots at Johnson's head, trying to split Johnson's defense. He was able to score occasionally, but his strategy was more effective in keeping Johnson from landing heavy punches until the end of the round when Johnson scored to Pinell's body.

Johnson shifted the control of the fight in his direction in the fifth round by walking Pinell down and shooting his left at Pinell's head. Two minutes in to the round Johnson scored another knockdown, this one even more fierce than the first. While Pinell did stand, his legs were wobbly and he seemed to have trouble focussing his eyes. he did survive the round, and he did throw punches back at Johnson, but he was not as sharp as he had been. Pinell recovered some of his wits between rounds and that made the sixth round close. Johnson was looking for an opportunity to land another heavy shot to stop Pinell, but those opportunities were not coming and while Johnson patiently stalked pinell, Pinell found a few openings to land his heavy left.

The doctor stepped in to look at Pinell in the seventh round, but decided the fight could continue. Johnson opened the round landing a hard right hand, and while it appeared initially that would be the punch to take Pinell out, he withstood it and stepped to Johnson, firing his jab through Johnson's guard. Early in the eighth round Johnson dropped his attack to focus on Pinell's body. He scored with that as his target, and the pace of the round was slower, but Pinell still stood in front throwing though his connection rate was far less than in previous rounds.

Johnson made use of his quick footwork in the ninth round as he jumped toward Pinell, throwing and landing, then stepped back before Pinell could retaliate. Pinell was having more trouble catching Johnson as Pinell was not able to match Johnson's speed in moving around the ring. Johnson, in the tenth round continued to punish Pinell. most of the damage was done when Pinell backed in to the ropes. Just before the two minute mark of the round, Johnson backed Pinell on the ropes and landed a barrage of shots to Pinell's head and body. Before Pinell could crumble to the canvas, the referee stepped in to wave and end to the fight. Johnson would score the TKO win at 1:56 of the tenth round.

Pinell throws his left through Johnson's deense

Johnson loads up a left leading to a knockdown

Cabrera-Mioletti was able to score using his left

Marco Cardenas has never been in a bad fight. That does not mean he has not lost, that simply means that every time he steps in to the ring fans know they will see the man fight with heart. Giovanni Cabrera-Mioletti is relatively new to the professional fight game, but he is a quick learner, and he showed his skill against the heavier Cardenas.

Cardenas was easily the busier man in the opening round as he fired his jab to move in on Mioletti and get close enough to shoot his right at Mioletti's body. Both men boxed well, and by round's end they were slipping out of the way of incoming punches. Mioletti found a rhythm in the second round and doing so enabled him to close the distance between himself and Cardenas. While in close Mioletti was able to land a number of jabs to Cardenas's head.

Mioletti continued his assault focused on Cardenas head in the third round and early in the round Mioletti landed a shot to Cardenas' nose that, judging from the way the blood flowed, may have broken it. Cardenas stayed close and tried to answer but he could not neutralize Mioletti's quickness. As the round drew to a close Mioletti went to work firing shots at Cardenas' body. Mioletti's control of the fight continued in the fourth as he doubled his jab and with consistency landed those punches to Cardenas' chin.

Cardenas shifted control of the fight in his favor in the middle of the fifth round, but Mioletti had his way early and late.

After five rounds all three judges scored the fight 49-46 for Mioletti who could remain unbeaten with the unanimous decision win.

The shortest fight of the night pitted Justin Davis against Richard Vansiclen. Davis has been out of the ring for a year and a half, and that showed early as he was unable to land anything he threw. Vansiclen was able to walk Davis against the ropes and just past a minute in to the round he landed a hard left to Davis' body. Davis winced, but continued to fight, and he did after that throw his jab in Vansiclen's direction. As the round approached the two minute mark Vansiclen backed Davis in to the corner and landed a left that made solid contact with the kidney area of Davis body. this time Davis reacted with more than a wince as his face contorted, he covered his side and retreated to his corner. the referee called an end to the bout at 2:15 of the opening round.

Vansiclen's first left caught Davis to the body

Serrano prepares to throw his right

Nate Serrano has been looking to notch another win, his last one coming in 2012. He has fought to a draw twice, and lost some close decisions, but the win has been elusive. Zach Cooper has been on an opposite track. While he has won three of his last seven, two of those were draws and two of those were close losses. Stylistically, this was a good match.

Cooper was the busier man in the opening round and he was quite accurate. He targeted Serrano's body and often was able to connect with his right. midway through the round Serrano settled and when he did he began to fire his jab at Cooper's head. Serrano turned the momentum in his favor in the second as he was throwing more punches than Cooper. Twice in the round Cooper lost his mouthpiece, and the time it took to replace it slowed some of the momentum that Serrano was intent on gaining. As the round drew to a close, Cooper was aiming shots at Serrano's head; Serrano was shooting to land on Cooper's body.

Cooper was able to maintain more pressure on Serrano in the third round by throwing his jab and following it with shots to the body. Serrano had to spend much of the round covering up to block shots and that meant he was unable to create much offense. Both men threw a lot of punches in the fourth round. Serrano landed enough to keep Cooper from gaining an edge. Serrano scored most often by landing punches to Cooper's body.

After four rounds one judge scored the fight even at 38, the other two scored it 39-37 for Serrano who would find that elusive win in a majority decision.

Jacob Szilasi and Sean Gee were a couple of fighters looking to get back on the winning track. both men had found success early in their professional career, but as of late they have found it more difficult to notch a win. Szilasi's early wins came by way of the knockout, so there seemed little doubt that Gee would respect his potential power; Gee has gone the distance in his battles, so Szilasi had to figure this fight would not end early.

The opening round was close as Szilasi was able to walk Gee down, throwing punches when he got close. Gee proved to be an effective counter puncher and he scored after being hit on a number of occasions. Szilasi controlled the action of the second round by firing and landing shots to Gee's body. Gee may have won the round with a few closing shots to Szilasi's chin.

The opening of the third round was furious as both men threw and landed heavy shots tot he other's head. Gee was the aggressor early, but as the round wore on he slowed his output and Szilasi began to connect to Gee's body. The pace of the action in the early portions of the fourth was quick with Szilasi controlling much of it as he looked for a knockout punch to land on Gee's head. Gee was able to duck out of trouble often, but he still got caught a few times. Gee turned control of the round in his favor in the closing thirty seconds behind a flurry of body shots.

The fifth was another fast paced round as Szilasi looked to score to Gee's body while Gee focused his attack on Szilasi's head. Both men closed the fight looking to land a shot heavy enough to stop the other.

At the end of five one judge scored the bout 49-46 for Szilasi; one scored it 49-46 for Gee; and the third scored it 48-47 for Gee who would claim the win with a split decision.


Gee lands his right to Szilasi's body

Villanueva lands to Wilson's head


Carlos Villanueva claimed a win in November fighting at the Emerald Queen, and on this night he would open the show facing Shaitan Wilson who was making his professional debut.

Villanueva kept the fight in close in the opening round and that negated Wilson's height and reach advantage. Villanueva scored behind a left to the body and followed that with a right to the head. Early in the second round, with Villanueva in close, Wilson was able to land an uppercut, but after that he was not as effective. Villanueva backed Wilson on the ropes at the end of the round and landed a number of body shots.

Wilson was backed either in to the corner or on the ropes for much of the third round and in that position he was unable to land scoring punches. Villanueva continued to stay close and that meant Wilson had to throw short compact punches and he could not unleash many of them. Villanueva spent most of the fourth round throwing his left, and often he landed it. Late in the round Wilson was able to land with his left, and while he showed some boxing skill, he found the rhythm too late in the fight.

After four rounds all three judges agreed and scored the fight 40-36 for Villanueva who would claim the unanimous decision win.

The Ring Girls


Dashon Johnson reacts to his TKO win

Battle at the Boat returns on March 18 for episode 110