Battle at the Boat 101

May 30, 2015

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Mike Gavronski fought in the main event at the Battle of the Boat 100, knocking out his opponent in the 7th. He was hoping to dispense of Tyrell Hendrix even earlier. Perhaps his primary reason for looking for an early stop began the evening before at the weigh in when there was a tad bit of a heated exchange between the two men. Hendrix and Gavronski had faced each other before, that fight ended in a majority draw. While Gavronski's stock has been rising over the course of his last four fights, Hendrix, who had lost four of his last five, was not to be taken lightly. Hendrix's opponents in those fights had a combined record of 62-1.

Gavronski opened the fight shooting his jab at Hendrix. While it did not always make contact, it proved enough of a threat to keep Hendrix from stepping in too close. Gavronski reminded Hendrix that he could also launch a power shot by throwing an occasional right hand. By the midpoint of the round Hendrix began to step in close and when he did he fired his right over Gavronski's left had, targeting his head. The second round mirrored the first in the early going as Gavronski stayed with the jab and moved Hendrix around the ring as he stepped to avoid it. Late in the round Hendrix landed a hard right to Gavronski's head at that seemed to spark Hendrix. He closed the round the round lunging in to Gavronski and throwing his right hand over the top, trying to catch Gavronski's head.

The fight began to get a bit testy in the third round. Hendrix appeared to throw a couple of blows that landed a bit low. He was warned by the referee to keep his blows up. The men also began to do a bit more holding in the round, and though the referee was quick to break them up, it was not unusual to see a quick shot to the body on the side away from the referee. Gavronski returned to using his left hand to move Hendrix across the ring, though Hendrix proved wily and was able to out maneuver Gavronski on occasion and pin him in the corner or on the ropes. Then, just when Hendrix would load up a big right, Gavronski would duck and slip out of trouble. There were a few times in the round when Gavronski's right did find the target on Hendrix's chin, and it appeared that Hendrix was stunned, but he quickly recovered. The fourth round was pretty furious at a number of points. Both men threw heavy power shots, and both were able to connect. Gavronski was more active overall, and he weathered some pretty serious blows.

The pace of the fifth was a bit slower, and that enabled Hendrix to walk Gavronski down. Hendrix kept shooting his right, at times to Gavronski's head, other times he tried to land to the body. In the corner between rounds Gavronski was told to go back to the jab to keep Hendrix at bay. He did just that in the sixth, but also added a right hook to the mix when he was in close. There were moments in the round while the men were standing in close that Hendrix was able to throw an uppercut, and he landed a few that popped Gavronski's head back.

While both men appeared to be tiring a bit in the seventh, it was Hendrix that found enough strength to muscle Gavronski in to the corner or against the ropes. When he did so, he was able to land some punches, though Gavronski proved adept at covering up and blocking most of the heavy shots. Late in the round Gavronski slipped off the ropes, turned Hendrix but he was unable to land flush power shots to make Hendrix buckle. Hendrix had a strong opening to the eighth round. He fired his right at a steady pace and caught Gavronski a few times. Gavronski eventually settled in to a comfortable rhythm and was able to jab his was clear while keeping Hendrix on the move. The men were in close firing at each other when the bell sounded to end the round. After the referee stepped in to break them, Hendrix threw one more punch at Gavronski's head. Though it did not land, the referee admonished Hendrix as he stepped to his corner.

The ninth round opened with the referee signaling that Hendrix was losing one point, the result of the punch thrown after the bell and the break in the eighth. Already up by one point in the round, and controlling much of the action behind his jab, Gavronski was content to walk a bit in the round, choosing the moments when he would step to Hendrix and shoot his jab. The tactic kept Hendrix from getting close, as he did not know when Gavronski would step in or when he would slip away. In the closing minute of the round, with Hendrix's back to the ropes, Gavronski jumped towards him and landed a hard left to the body. He followed that with a right to Hendrix's ribs. He was ready to throw another as Hendrix began to slump toward the canvas. Hendrix's corner man grabbed the stool, mounted the steps and placed the stool in the ring while the referee was counting Hendrix out.

Gavronski may not have gotten the early stoppage he was looking for, but he earned an impressive TKO victory at 2:03 of the ninth round for his eighteenth win.

Hendrix fires his left past Gavronski

The end came shortly after Gavronski found the range inside

Green scored the TKO early in the opening round

The semi main event was hyped to be an exciting affair pitting once beaten Marcelino Pineda against lanky and long reaching Virgil Green in five round welterweight affair. Pineda has the knockout power; all five of his wins have come via that route. Green too can throw heavy shots, but he is more prone to wear an opponent down. This fight did not follow the script of either man.

Pineda opened the round with a quick flurry of punches, most of which Green avoided with relative ease. Green then fired a jab and followed it with a hook that caught Pineda on the temple. Pineda dropped to the canvas and when he arose, his legs were wobbling. The referee wasted little time in waving the fight to an end as he guided Pineda to the stool in his corner.

Green would claim the TKO win at 1:03 of the first round.


Unbeaten Ray Lampkin Jr stepped in to face also unbeaten Andres Reyes for five rounds in a lightweight featured undercard bout. Lampkin has one win by knockout, otherwise these two fighters are known for going the distance each time they step in to the ring. The five round bout seemed to assure that there would not be a draw should the fight go the distance.

There was a lot of action in the opening round as both fighters looked to jump in and land punches to the other man's body. Lampkin proved the quicker of the two, and as a result, he landed more punches. Reyes was able to score by throwing counter punches, but that also meant he was taking a few punches as well. Lampkin settled in to a rhythm to open the second round and his fluid movements enabled him to land a number of body shots when the men stood close. While Reyes continued to throw effective counter punches, he began to find other openings as the round drew to a close. The second round ended in a slugfest with the men standing close to each other and throwing hard body shots.

The third round was quite close. Reyes began to find the range with his right hand, and a number of times he was able to land it on Lampkin's chin. Those shots did not dissuade Lampkin from standing in close while he continued to fire shots at Reyes body. Lampkin did not have much of an offense in the fourth round. He stepped away from Reyes, threw fewer punches, and seemed to be slowing his pace a bit to regain his wind. Near the midpoint of the round, while the men were holding, and as the referee shouted at them to break, Reyes threw Lampkin to the canvas. That resulted in the loss of a point.

Reyes had to pursue Lampkin in the closing round, looking for an opportunity to land heavy and score points. While there were moments when Reyes was effective, and he did land a few shots to Lampkin's head. Lampkin spent much of the round slipping out of trouble and moving around the ring. Lampkin closed the round running around the ring, much to the ire of the crowd.

At the end of five rounds, one judge saw the fight even at 47, one scored it 48-46 and the third saw it 49-45 all in favor of Ray Lampkin Jr who would remain unbeaten and score his eighth win.

Lampkin's right stunned Reyes

Davis's left connects over Garner's right

Jason Davis and Daryl Gardner squared off against each other two months ago in the 100th edition of the Battle at the Boat. That fight ended in a majority draw and had the two men and the crowd calling for a rematch. And so it was that in the 101st edition, the opportunity would again present itself for one of them to emerge with a win.

Gardner took command of the fight in the opening round. He jumped toward Davis and threw his left and right. Davis was often able to step out of the way, but Gardner did connect often enough to send a message that he was there to fight. Davis did not throw very often, but part of the reason for that was Gardner's relentless pressure.

Davis settled in the second round and he began to throw more punches. Davis shot his jab and then coupled that with his right. Gardner continued to throw heavy shots trying to stun Davis. As the round drew to a close, Gardner landed a hard right to Davis's head. Davis answered that with right that sent Gardner to the canvas. He stood, the bell sounded to end the round. The referee counted and stopped the fight.

Davis would claim the TKO victory at 3:08 of the second round.



Antonio Neal and Sean Gee are a couple of welterweights in the early stages of their careers. Neal's three wins have come via the knockout; Gee's debut victory came in winning a four round unanimous decision. The four round bout was action packed.

The first round saw both men throw a large number of punches, most of those aimed at the other's body. Gee threw the heavier punches and he was able to land a few more providing him with a slight edge. Gee was the more aggressive fighter in the second round as well. Neal threw when he could find an opening, but Gee did not provide him with many opportunities. As the round drew to an end, Gee caught Neal on the ropes and landed a number of body shots.

Neal had a good third round as he was able to keep Gee's back to the ropes through large portions of the round. When he did so, Neal was able to land body shots. Gee's defense proved to be permeable and that allowed Neal to score. The final round was another close affair. Neal kept the pressure on Gee while Gee continued to look for opportunities to land body shots.

At the end of four rounds one judge scored the fight even at 38, the other two scored it 40-36 in favor of Gee who would claim the majority decision victory.


Gee's right uppercut counter's Neal's left

Maldonado lands his right

The night began with a couple of fighters making their professional debut. Guillermo Maldonado faced Robert McIntyre in a four round super middle weight bout. What the men may have lacked in polish they made up for in heart as this was an exciting slugfest.

In the opening round both men did what boxers are often asked to do, establish and fight behind the jab. That worked for the first two thirds of the round, and then they resorted to throwing punches a bit more wildly. McIntyre was looking to land to Maldonado's head; Maldonado placed his target on McIntyre's body. Maldonado had a good second round because he kept the pressure on McIntyre by staying close to him. McIntyre had few opportunities to throw punches as he was avoiding those coming at him. When McIntyre did corner late in the round, and land a few shots, Maldonado turned him and slipped out of trouble.

Maldonado controlled the action of the third round using his jab while throwing his right in to the mix. McIntyre’s pace slowed as he threw single punches. In the final round McIntyre was able to land some power shots, but they came one at a time. He was not able to follow up and throw the combination. Maldonado moved to keep the pressure on McIntyre, and that too stymied him.

At the end of four rounds one judge scored the fight 40-36, the other two scored it 39-37, all in favor of Maldonado.


Oh - Those Ring Card Girls ...

The Battle at the Boat series continues with the 102nd Battle in August 2015

How they make the crowd come alive

Gavronski shows his appreciation to the crowd, blowing kisses to the legion of his fans in attendance.