Battle at the Boat 95

March 22, 2014

Brian Halquist at the

Emerald Queen Casino

Stivens Bujaj and Victor Barragan stepped in to the main event with fairly late notice, but both men proved ready to fight tough in their pursuit of the WBC United States Cruiserweight Title, another change made just the day before the fight.

Bujaj brought the more impressive record in to the bout. Unbeaten in eleven fights, he has scored eight knockout wins. Barragan is no slouch, having lost only seven times in nineteen fights, though he has scored only three knockout wins.

The pace of the opening round was a bit slow, and that might be what is expected from cruiserweights wary of the other man's power shots. Both men threw their jab, occasionally catching each other, and then stepping back to survey any potential damage. The jabbing match continued in the second round, however Bujaj began to throw a few more. He also lowered his target to Barragan's body. As the round drew to a close Bujaj landed a series of punches to Barragan's body and as the bell sounded Barragan appeared to be stunned.

Barragan shook off any damage to begin the third round and he used his jab, followed by an occasional right to move Bujaj around the ring. Bujaj was able to counter punch, and his shots were the heavier. As the round drew to an end it was Barragan who was landing shots to Bujaj's body and inflicting punishment. Bujaj broke from a steady body assault to fire his right toward Barragan's head in the fourth. That tactic was effective as well as he shot his right through Barragan's defenses and bloodied his face.

What had been Bujaj's steady breaking Barragan down began to pick up some speed and momentum in the fifth. Bujaj had Barragan staggering in the round, but he could not take Barragan out. Barragan fought tough and tried to stay close to make it more difficult for Bujaj to land the heavy shots. In the sixth, Bujaj fired a number of straight right hands that caught Barragan's head. Bujaj also cleverly coupled his assault to the head with solid body shots. The body shots began to take a toll on Barragan and he slowed his output.

Bujaj appeared to have decided to end the fight in the seventh. He answered the bell throwing hard and quick body shots, sprinkling those with shots to Barragan's head. The assault led to a knockdown near the minute mark of the round. Barragan rose, but Bujaj continued to pummel him until the referee stepped in to end the fight at 1:52 of the round. Bujaj remained unbeaten scoring the TKO win, and claiming the belt.

Bujaj broke Barragan down with shots to the head

Bujaj knocked Barragan down in the seventh

McCleary scored with his right

Looking at the records that Corben Page and Jeremy McCleary brought in to the ring might lead the fan to believe that McCleary would score a relatively easy win. He is after all unbeaten early in his career while Page has more losses than wins. Toss that thought out. These two men were evenly matched in the four round bout.

The pace of the opening round was quite fast. Page threw more punches; McCleary was more accurate. In the second round McCleary settled a bit to work behind his jab. That allowed him to control much of Page's movement. Page did throw a few heavy shots at McCleary, and he caught him coming in.

McCleary added the combination to his assault in the third round. He shot his left to Page's body and followed that with a right to his head. Page answered with body shots of his own, but he could not match McCleary's work rate. The fourth round was a good one for Page. He landed more punches than McCleary. McCleary did answer those shots, but his work rate was a bit lower than in previous rounds.

After four rounds one judge scored the fight even at 38, the other two scored the fight 39-37 in favor of Jeremy McCleary who would score the majority decision victory to remain unbeaten.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez and Cameron Sevilla-Rivera are early in their fight career. Both have shown, in previous fights, that they have knockout power. In this bout Sevilla-Rivera established that fact early.

Sevilla-Rivera threw loaded punches to Rodriguez's body as the fight opened. It did not take long for those punches to do enough damage to send Rodriguez to the mat.

Rodriguez rose and tried to offer some resistance, but Sevilla-Rivera battered him to the ropes and launched an assault that forced the referee to step in to end the fight at 1:32.

Sevilla-Rivera would remain unbeaten with the TKO victory.

Sevilla-Rivera's right catches Rodriguez

Teer fires the left with Quinnett on the ropes

Sean Quinnett and Jared Teer were matched well in a four round bout. Both men have quick hands and move well.

The opening round saw both men fight at a quick pace. Quinnett focused his punches on Teer's body. Teer was patient in his response. He threw effective combinations through the round. The pace did not slow much in the second round. Teer fired his quick jab to keep Quinnett on the move.

The third round was quite close. Early, Teer scored behind the jab and late it was Quinnett closing the round with effective body shots. The pace picked up in the fourth as both men swung punches at each other though neither landed many effectively.

At the end of four, one judge scored the fight 39-37 for Quinnett, another scored it 39-37 for Teer, and the third judge saw the fight 40-36 for Teer who would claim the split decision victory.

Josh Solis and Harrison Bevens stepped in to make their pro debut at 161 pounds in a four round affair. Bevens spent the first round pursuing Solis who moved around the ring throwing his jab in Bevens' direction. In the second round Bevens moved to close the distance between the two men and in doing so he shifted the momentum. Bevens began to land heavy body shots, and those knocked Solis off balance. As the round drew to an end, bevens landed a series of body shots that wobbled Solis.

Bevens scored a knockdown early in the third round when he caught Solis stepping forward but off balance. The knockdown affected Solis' strategy as he then moved to stay out of trouble, allowing Bevens to control the action. Bevens continued to batter Solis around the ring in the final round. When the end came, it came quickly. Near the two minute mark the referee stepped toward the men to caution Solis about turning his back. Bevens raised his arms, thinking the bout over, but he was called to continue fighting. He did, and shortly thereafter he dropped Solis again. The referee began the count, but waved an end to the fight as Solis was weak kneed.

Bevens scored the TKO win at 2:33 of the fourth round.

Beven's left scores to Solis' head

Jackson's left punished Torgeson

The light heavyweight bout pitting Jared Torgeson against Jon Jackson was a battle of styles. torgeson had the height and reach advantage; Jackson relied on close in boxing skills.

Torgeson's reach with the jab allowed him to control most of the first round. Jackson was unable to get close enough to land his punches. then, as the round closed, Jackson took a chance and stepped in to throw punches upward toward Torgeson's head, and he connected. The story of the second round remained Torgeson's jab. He kept Jackson in the center of the ring, and from there Jackson continued to target Torgeson's head.

The momentum shifted to Jackson in the third when he began to throw combinations. Landing two and three shots in succession made Torgeson back away, and thus his jab could not touch the target. Jackson's patience set the tone for the final round. He sought and found opportunities to score to torgeson's head and body. Torgeson was not able to answer, so Jackson had no need to press him.

At the end of four, one judge scored the fight even at 38, the other two scored it 40-36 in favor of Jackson who would claim his first professional win behind the majority decision.

Cole Milani and Mark Garcia made the move from the MMA cage to the boxing ring in the night's opening fight. Some of those MMA habits are hard to break, and there were a few times when Milani leaped while throwing punches.

Neither fighter showed a lot of defense, abandoning that to throw a bevy of punches at a fast pace. Milani proved to be a bit better at using his jab, and when Garcia wasn't firing back, Milani coupled the jab with a right. After one of those exchanges, Milani had Garcia staggered and on the ropes. Garcia then surged forward and landed a solid right to Milani's head. Milani then turned Garcia back on to the ropes and landed a lot of unanswered shots which forced the referee to step in and wave the fight to an end at 1:40. Milani's pro debut would end with a TKO win.

Milani scores with a left

The next Battle at the Boat is scheduled for June 7th