Battle at the Boat 106

June 11, 2016

Brian Halquist and the

Emerald Queen Casino

Jonathon Chicas made his first appearance in the Pacific Northwest facing local favorite Virgil Green. Green entered the fight with a height and reach advantage, and to neutralize that Chicas had to work to close the distance between then. Green was looking to get back on track after a tough loss at the end of last year while Chicas was coming off an impressive TKO win in January.

As can be expected in a fight where each man respects the other's power, the pace of the opening round was slow. Both men were content to move about the middle of the ring and throw jabs at the other. In that situation, Green had an advantage. Chicas, in the second round, stepped in to Green, moving the fight in close where he could land punches to the lanky Green's body. Green continued to fire shots at Chicas' head, but Chica's body shots enabled him to score.

Green turned the tables on Chicas in the third round as he began to land body shots to Chicas' ribs. Chicas continued to move in tight, and at times that left his body open to Green's assault. The fourth round saw more holding than boxing early in the round, and after the referee broke them a few times the men returned to boxing. Green closed out the round with a scoring flurry.

Chicas spent the opening moments of the fifth round pressuring Green. Green fired a straight right each time Chicas got close. That meant that Chicas had to adjust his attack and he then began to add shots aimed at Green's head in addition to the bodywork. The sixth round was close as each man fought to his strengths. Chicas scored in tight with body shots while Green's reach caught Chicas to the head.

Both men upped their punch output in the seventh round. A lot of the shots each of them threw landed as well. As the round drew to a close Chicas caught Green with a right to the chin. The eighth round as also packed with action. At some point in the round Chicas suffered a cut on the hairline, perhaps from an accidental clash of heads, and as the blood ran down his forehead he began to fight with more focus and aggression.

Chicas aggressive stance continued in the ninth as he continued to pressure Green and rather than focus on attacking Green's body, Chicas began to throw punches at Green's head. As the tenth round drew to a close both men threw a barrage of punches. Prior to that they were more measured, looking to land something heavy.

At the end of ten rounds one judge scored the fight 97-93, the other two scored the fight 96-94 all in favor of Jonathon Chicas who would claim the unanimous decision win

Chicas fires his right as Green counters with a left
Green's reach enabled him to land his right

Tadeo's left catches Turner

Thomas Turner made short work of his opponent when he last fought at the Emerald Queen. He would be in a tougher contest today facing Isaac Tadeo, an unbeaten fighter who carries power in both hands.

Turner was the more aggressive fighter in the opening moments of the first round. He backed Tadeo across the ring and landed punches to Tadeo's body. Tadeo covered up and withstood the shots until he was backed in the corner. From there Tadeo began firing his jab and when he moved Turner with his back to the ropes, he landed a hard left to Turner's body. Turner dropped, and writhed in pain. It did not look as though he would stand, but he did, proving his toughness. The round ended fifteen seconds later. Tadeo returned to a furious body attack to open the second round, and when he again landed a hard shot to Turner's body, Turner dropped. This time he would not rise as the referee reached the count of ten.

Tadeo would remain unbeaten, scoring the knockout victory at :59 of the second round.

Andres Reyes and Marcos Cardenas had met in the ring before, and in that fight Reyes walked away with a split decision win. As both men had scored impressive wins in their last outings, this rematch had the makings of the fight of the night. They did not disappoint the crowd. Stylistically the men's styles are more similar than in contrast, and that meant both would come forward through all four rounds and throw a lot of punches.

The opening round was very close. Cardenas pressured Reyes, throwing punches at Reyes' body and occasionally tossing one toward Reyes' head. Reyes proved to be an effective counter puncher as he too threw body shots and jabs to Cardenas' head. The pace continued to be fast in the second round, but Reyes began to find a rhythm and that meant he began to score as he landed his right. As Reyes began to land punches, it was Cardenas that became the counter puncher.

The pace of the action slowed some in the opening moments of the third round, however, two minutes in both men kicked in to a higher gear and began to throw a lot of punches. As the round ended each was landing scoring shots on the other's head. The fourth round was as close as the previous three. Both men targeted the head. Each man showed an uncanny ability to slip punches to keep anything solid from landing and doing heavy damage.

At the end of four rounds, one judge scored the fight 39-37 for Reyes, the other two scored the fight even at 38, and this one would end in a majority draw.

Cardenas lands his right

Cabrera's sharp right scored against McCleary

Giovanni Cabrera won in his professional debut scoring a second round TKO. Jeremy McCleary was on the losing end of a TKO in his last outing, and against a fighter with less experience, McCleary looked to regain his footing.

The style of the fight was established early in the opening round. Cabrera was quick on his feet and he proved to be a tough target for McCleary to catch. Cabrera was effective when he jumped in, threw his right, and stepped back. McCleary was able to counter punch early, but Cabrera eventually began to slip those punches. Just over a minute in to the round Cabrera landed a straight left to McCleary's body that dropped McCleary. In the second round Cabrera switched between fighting left handed and from the right. While that momentarily confused McCleary, once Cabrera saw that he could score fighting as a right hander, he settled in to that position.

Cabrera controlled much of the action in the third round as he maintained constant pressure on McCleary. McCleary tried to step in close and catch Cabrera's body to slow the assault, but Cabrera's quickness enabled him to escape. Early in the round Cabrera landed a shot to McCleary's nose and opened a gash that bled through the remainder of the fight. In the closing round Cabrera returned to his quickness to avoid getting caught with any power shots. Cabrera jumped in to throw shots, then stepped back to force McCleary to come toward him.

At the end of four rounds all three judges scored the bout 40-35, and Giovanni Cabrera would score the unanimous decision win.

On paper the fight which pitted Antonio Neal against Will Hughes looked to be an evenly matched affair. Both men have been in fights where they looked sharp and fought well, and they have had moments in which they did not look as sharp. This fight would offer an opportunity for one of them to show the crowd that he was ready to fight and be taken seriously.

Neal was able to land the heavier shots in the first round. He accomplished that by stepping toward Hughes while sticking his jab and then coupling that with rights to the body. Hughes, with a slight reach advantage, was able to catch Neal a few times, but he had to pay attention to the body assault and that kept him from landing often. Once the men passed the thirty second mark of the second round the pace of the action increased. Neal's pressure kept Hughes on the move and enabled Neal to score as he landed his right.

Hughes had a good third round as he kept the fight in the center of the ring. Hughes also turned the tide by keeping Neal on the move. Neal may not have landed as many punches in the round, but those he landed were heavier than those Hughes threw. Both men appeared to tire some in the fourth, and as a result the pace was slower. Neal was throwing two or three punches as a time while Hughes could only throw single punches in return.

At the end of four rounds one judge scored the fight 39-37, the other two scored it 40-36 all in favor of Antonio Neal who would claim the unanimous decision win.

Neal prepares to fire his right

Marshall dropped Savino to end the 1st round

Damion Savino made his professional debut against Will Marshall, who had not fought since 2007.

Savino established the tone of the round early as he stepped toward Marshall and shot his jab at Marshall's head. Savino backed Marshall on to the ropes where he landed two lefts to Marshall's body and dropped him. Marshall rose, and Savino kept pressuring him. Marshall fired his right back at Savino, and he began to land his right to Savino's head. One of those rights landed flush and dropped Savino to the canvas. He too rose, on wobbly legs, and Marshall did not give him a chance to recover. Within a minute Marshall had landed another right and again Savino dropped.

The referee wove the fight to an end as the bell sounded to end the round. Marshall would score the TKO win at 3:00 of the first round.




Olympic Gold Medalist Sugar Ray Seales talks with Giovanni Cabrera after the fights

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