Battle at the Boat 107

September 10, 2016

Brian Halquist and the

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Mike Gavronski can tell you what a difference it makes to be a fighter who regains his focus. Facing a tough opponent in unbeaten Jake Carr, Gavronski left the comfortable confines of the Pacific Northwest to train in San Antonio. He returned in better shape than he has been before; he was more patient than he has been before; and his focus was laser sharp.

The opening round was dominated by each fighter using their jab. They were both effective, but Gavronski had an edge as he was better able to move to create angles which allowed him to score. Gavronski mixed his attack by throwing an occasional right hook. Carr countered with his jab. In the second round Gavronski began to throw more combinations. He was landing two or three punches at a time and in so doing Carr was kept off balance. As the round drew to a close Carr found a rhythm and he too began to throw combinations.

Carr stepped up his punch output in the third round. He had moments when he was able to land shots to Gavronski's head, but they appeared to little damage. Gavronski changed his attack and began to focus on Carr's body. He was able to score with hooks which landed flush to Carr's ribs. The attack to Carr's body continued in the fourth. Then, at the midpoint of the round Gavronski caught Carr with a flurry of punches that sent Carr stumbling against the ropes. While Carr was there Gavronski landed a few more punches. Carr withstood the attack and when he stepped off the ropes he caught Gavronski with a solid right to the chin.

Carr had a good fifth round as he kept pressing Gavronksi around the ring. Carr caught Gavronski early with a few shots to the body and the head, and then he continued to step toward Gavronski, trying to shorten the distance between them. Carr continued to apply pressure in the sixth round, but a minute in he made the mistake of giving Gavronski some space. Gavronksi used the opening to fire a left and follow that with three rights to Carr's head. Carr dropped to the canvas. He stood and took the count and told the referee he was good to continue. His legs were however wobbly and Gavronski took little time in jumping on him and landing a succession of punches. The damage Gavronski inflicted caused the referee to step in and end the fight.

Gavronski would score the TKO win at 1:57 of the 6th round.

Gavronski signalled the end when he landed his right

Gavronski's right was a potent weapon against Carr

Reyes scores behind his left

Andres Reyes and Ramel Snegur faced each other in the five round semi main event. While Snegur had a height advantage, Reyes showed a bit more boxing skill.

The opening round was one fought in spurts. Each man would throw a few punches, then when they stepped in close, they leaned on each other and were holding. Reyes targeted the taller Snegur's head while Snegur tried to land his jab. Reyes was the busier of the two fighters in the second round. He continued to jump in to close the distance and then to target Snegur's head. Snegur threw shots at Reyes' body when the two men were in close.

The predominant feature of the third round was the amount of time the fighters spent holding. Reyes was still looking to land a big shot to Snegur's head, but he found that more difficult as he was being held. The referee separated the two men on a couple of occasions to warn them not to hold. Early in the fourth round the referee took one point from Snegur for holding. After that he held less and that provided an opening for Reyes to throw looping rights at Snegur's head.

Snegur caught Reyes flush as he stepped in to begin the fifth round, but after that the round belonged to Reyes. He kept the pressure on Snegur and landed a number of rights to Snegur's head and body.

After five rounds the judges scored the fight 49-46; 48-47 and 48-46 all in favor of Reyes who would claim the unanimous decision win.


Andre Keys and Antonio Neal stepped in to fight in a five round bout. While neither is a seasoned veteran, both showed some good boxing skills.

The pace of the opening round was slow as each man looked for an opening while being wary of the other's punches. As the round neared the two minute mark Keys landed a solid right hand that stunned Neal. Neal took a moment to gather himself and began to press Keys. Neal continued to gain momentum in the early portion of the second round. He landed his jab and followed that with shots at Keys body. The momentum turned near the one minute mark when Keys scored a knockdown after landing a hard right to Neal's body. Neal rose and continued to fight. Keys jumped on Neal and landed another solid right that once again dropped Neal.

Keys kept pressure on Neal through the third round, and he was able to find a target on Neal's head a number of times. Neal did a nice job throwing counter punches, but was catching more than he gave. The pace of the fight slowed in the fourth round as each man appeared to be tired. Both men targeted the body in the round. Keys was more effective in doing so.

Neal was the busier fighter in the fifth round as he looked to score by landing shots to Keys' body. Keys fired shots back at Neal's body and he kept moving, making it more difficult for Neal to get close.

At the end of the fifth all three judges scored the fight 50-43 and Andre Keys would score the unanimous decision win.

Keys did some damage with his left

Rojas (right) squares up to Serrano

In one of the best fights of the night Nate Serrano faced Osvaldo Rojas in a four round affair.

The first round of the fight established the tone as Serrano was the busier while Rojas used his height. Rojas was able to counter Serrano's flurry of punches until the round was drawing to a close when Serrano began to throw punches at a rapid rate. The second round was very close. Serrano kept pressing Rojas, and landing his jab. Rojas focused his attack on Serrano's body.

Early in the third round Serrano backed Rojas toward the ropes and landed a hard right hand that sent Rojas staggering back, falling in to the ropes. Rojas complained that Serrano had stepped on his foot, causing him to lose his balance, but there was no doubt that the punch landed. Rojas fought tough for the remainder of the round, and as it drew to an end he was able to land a stiff right to Serrano's head that stunned him. The final round was very close. Serrano worked to keep pressure on Rojas while throwing punches to Rojas' body. Rojas often slipped out of trouble and threw combinations at Serrano's body and head.

After four rounds one judge scored the bout 39-36 for Serrano, the other two judges scored the fight 38-37 for Rojas who would claim the split decision win.

Gabriel Solorio and Drew Brokenshire came in to their four round bout each looking to notch his second win.

There was not a lot of action in the opening two minutes of the first round. Then as the men entered the third minute and were in the corner they began to mix it up. Solorio took advantage of the exchange to score with shots at Brokenshire's body. Solorio's punch output slowed in the second round, and that allowed Brokenshire to follow his jab with the right to the body. Brokenshire was able to control much of the action and knock Solorio around the ring.

Solorio closed the distance between the two in the third round, and when he was in close he landed a number of scoring shots to Brokenshire's body. Brokenshire jabbed with his right, but he was not able to follow it effectively. Solorio smothered Brokenshire throughout the fourth round. The pressure and the punches made it difficult for Brokenshire to score as he spent much of his time backing out of trouble.

After four rounds one judge scored the fight even at 38, the other two scored it 39-37 and 40-36 for Solorio who would claim the majority decision win.

Solorio (left) and Brokenshire exchange lefts

Pagampao lands his left to McIntyre's face

Bobby McIntyre and Lexus Pagampao were both looking to score their first win in the four round fight that opened the night.

McIntyre established his position behind a stiff lead right early in the round, but he switched to fighting behind his jab at the midpoint. Pagampao tried to walk in and fight close, but had trouble connecting. Pagampao had a better second round as he focused his attention on shots to McIntyre's body. McIntyre used his jab to back Pagampao off, but Pagampao still worked to apply pressure.

The third round was close early, then Pagampao backed McIntyre in to the corner and landed a series of punches to McIntyre's body. After taking a few punches, McIntyre was able to turn Pagampao and land a few shots of his own. However the round ended with Pagampao again backing McIntyre in to the corner and working his body. Early in the fourth round Pagampao seemed to be avoiding mixing it up with McIntyre choosing instead to move about the ring and jumping in on occasion to throw a punch. When Pagampao did settle and return to throwing punches, he was able to land to McIntyre's chin.

After four rounds all three judges scored the bout 39-37 for Pagampao who would score his first win as a professional.




Team Gavronski after the win

Battle at the Boat returns in November for episode 108